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All Files In F.E.A.R. Deathmatch
Deathmatch Out Post 8

This map is designed for Team DeathMatch and has a tech design behind it.


Deathmatch MeatGrinder2

The first ever custom map for FEAR! This map was made by Trenthian who works at VUG as a tester and was lucky enough to use the tools.


Deathmatch ATC_Assault

This map will work very nice with teams fighting on both ends of the map or you could just go all out on deathmatch. -How to Install- To...


Deathmatch NadeHell

Blow up or be blown up is the name of the game here. Nothing but gernades and proxy mines are in this map. -How to Install- To install g...


Deathmatch VMan Panic

An Office with a warehouse. Has a lot of hidden stuff and the layout is very nicely done ;)


Deathmatch Vman Pain

This map is a dark Quake 3 kind of feel to the map. Its got a lot of small corridors with even more turns. One of the best parts about this...


Deathmatch ATC_Blockfort & Lego_Blockfort

This map is hard to dominate because there is a wide verity of weapons everywhere for anyone to grab. If you need to snip someone on the top...


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Deathmatch Abandoned Depot

This is a great map for showing off how terrain works in F.E.A.R. but falls short of any real game play. Your able to go inside the Depot an...


Deathmatch Deck 16

If you have played Uneal Tournament you will reconize this map right away. This is The_One attempt to bring some good ol love from UT99 int...


Deathmatch Complex-9

This industrial map is mainly made for team deathmatch but also is good for normal deathmatch.


Deathmatch MP Archives

It is an original design that is quite simple. I used all in game materials and prefabs. It should work well with about 8-12 players any que...


Deathmatch Armacham Main Frame DM Map

This is a deathmatch map that has been based on TRON. Enjoy!


Deathmatch Roy's Gym

Not all maps need to be dark, big scary rooms, this map is a fearless old abandoned gym with a boxing cage in the middle. For game types:...


Deathmatch Brine

This map is one of the few maps I have seen that has some thought behind it. This map has a few places where you can get to certain spots mo...


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Deathmatch Domestic Dispute Map Pack

This map pack contains two maps entitled DD_Night and DD_Day. This map pack even comes with a self installer to make things easier on your s...


Deathmatch 5chaap2k_Arena_1

This map is one of 5chaap2k first maps to be released with F.E.A.R.. It is a small arena that provides lots of action. The file also include...


Deathmatch F.E.A.R. BALL

This map is made for Team DeathMatch! Tired of playing the same old style every time you play F.E.A.R.? This map will allow you to play a...


Deathmatch Mosuga

This map is made for melee attacks like any other dojo room would be made for.


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Deathmatch Temple

An outdoor and indoor arena map with lots of fire.


Deathmatch Silo

You are tossed in a hidden dark hole that contains a nuclear missile, just try not to blow the place up.


Deathmatch Kirby Plaza

This map is based on the TV show called Heroes.


Deathmatch Grid

This is the second beta of Grid that has now been released. The map has been based off of the game Perfect Dark. Main fixes are:...


Deathmatch Dance Or Die

If your a gamer that doesn't like a map to have only one theme then this is what you have been waiting for. From the industial theme to an...


Deathmatch Junk Yard

This map reminded me of that one more for Half Life 2 called Gmod. All this seemed to me was a map to mess with F.E.A.R.'s physics blasting...


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