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Maps Botz3000's Facility (map) *FIXED*

A nice map made by Botz3000. This map is compatible with all game modes except CTF This map is based on 'Facility', one of my favorite Go...


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Maps Anyway

This is a "oldschool" map where you begin with a pistol instead of the weapon of your choice. There are no medkits placed in this map, but d...


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Maps Hell Hole

The name says enough its a small map with support for up to 16 players. However its been built for 1 vs 1 purposes and is a very balanced ma...


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Maps The Hanger

This map takes place inside a helicopter hanger complex. It plays 2-16 players (DM/TDM), with plenty of areas to sneak around and also some...


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Maps Cavern 11

A pre cold war installation, now used for military special projects. The Base located at an "unknown" location finds itself under seige!...


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Maps Garage

This is one of the second place winners in the map contest! For this map Tyler A has won a NVIDIA GeForce 7 Series Video Cards! Nice job...


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Maps Complex-10

A darkly lit "tech" style map, sure to bring some faces of joy to the F.E.A.R. scene. Supports up to 16 players. This map is another seco...


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Maps Residential Evil

A creepy mansion, long abandoned. An underground facility of unknown purpose. A fight to the death. Residential Evil is a 2-6 player map, ba...


Maps Aftermath

This is one of the third place winners in the map contest from FearMaps.com Hevoc has won a F.E.A.R. Prize Pack Nice map Hevoc!


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Maps Down the Drain (map)

Try out this F.E.A.R. map contest submission by TutonicMonkey called DownTheDrain


Maps Military Base

A Military Base which features plenty of outdoor and indoor areas for you to kick some F.E.A.R. butt!


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Maps Botz3000's Facility (map)

This map is based on 'Facility', one of my favorite Goldeneye maps for the classic Nintento 64.


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Maps Enterprise

Map supporting multiple game types, including slowmo, deathmatch, and control.


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Maps GJ Shafted

F.E.A.R. King of the Hill map. It's a single control point map that is playable as DM or TDM as well.


Multi-Mode Armacham Mainframe

The Armacham Technology Corporate Mainframe building. The effects in this map and the models, especially the lightcycle look very cool. Chec...


Multi-Mode Armacham Replicant Facility

This map is very player interactive and supports all game types.


Multi-Mode DD-Determination

This map is very different from most maps out there now. This is a glass map which most of you might remember for Counter Strike. Basically...


Multi-Mode Beaver Creek

The halo fever has cought wave onto F.E.A.R. with a great remake of Beaver Creek. Even if your not a Halo fan you will enjoy playing this ma...


Multi-Mode Botz3000's Bunker

This map is a tribute to the Bunker map from Goldeneye for good old N64, but with several additions, like new alternative routes, controllab...


Multi-Mode Dead Wood Forts

This map is a modfication of the Dead Wood map. It is my second map for FEAR and I think you will agree its worth the large download. I love...


Multi-Mode Enterprise

Map supporting multiple game types, including slowmo, deathmatch, and control.


Multi-Mode Botz3000s Bunker Reloaded

Botz3000's Bunker in the newer and optimized version, Supporting DM, TDM, CTF, Control, Conquer All, Elimination and TeamElimination. New s...


Multi-Mode New York City

New York City is originally from Soldier of Fortune 1. The layout is the same as the sof1 map but the textures and special FX give it a c...