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All Files In F.E.A.R. Multi-Mode
Multi-Mode Armacham Mainframe

The Armacham Technology Corporate Mainframe building. The effects in this map and the models, especially the lightcycle look very cool. Chec...


Multi-Mode Armacham Replicant Facility

This map is very player interactive and supports all game types.


Multi-Mode DD-Determination

This map is very different from most maps out there now. This is a glass map which most of you might remember for Counter Strike. Basically...


Multi-Mode Beaver Creek

The halo fever has cought wave onto F.E.A.R. with a great remake of Beaver Creek. Even if your not a Halo fan you will enjoy playing this ma...


Multi-Mode Botz3000's Bunker

This map is a tribute to the Bunker map from Goldeneye for good old N64, but with several additions, like new alternative routes, controllab...


Multi-Mode Dead Wood Forts

This map is a modfication of the Dead Wood map. It is my second map for FEAR and I think you will agree its worth the large download. I love...


Multi-Mode Enterprise

Map supporting multiple game types, including slowmo, deathmatch, and control.


Multi-Mode Botz3000s Bunker Reloaded

Botz3000's Bunker in the newer and optimized version, Supporting DM, TDM, CTF, Control, Conquer All, Elimination and TeamElimination. New s...


Multi-Mode New York City

New York City is originally from Soldier of Fortune 1. The layout is the same as the sof1 map but the textures and special FX give it a c...


Multi-Mode Caves

A lava filled map that supports TDM, CTF, Control, and Conquer All.


Multi-Mode VMan's Quake 1 Remakes

These maps are from Quake 1 for F.E.A.R., these maps are in beta and if Vman gets enough feedback he will import a few more but till then yo...


Multi-Mode VMan Sewer Rats

This map supports all game types set in a dark murky map.


Multi-Mode VMan Damnation

This map is very techy and supports all game types. This map also has its fair share of bots to fight off and not just the player on the oth...


Multi-Mode NOLF2-Bahgdad

This map was remade from the game No One Lives Forever 2. The map was called India in NOLF2 and was changed because of current events to Bag...


Multi-Mode Clone Crisis MP

This map is the multiplayer version of The Clone Crisis - Investigating the crisis. This file contains two maps, both are basically the s...


Multi-Mode NOLF2-Siberia

This is another map made by RusTus ported over from No One Lives Forever 2. This map is a outdoor winter prison map that supports all gamety...


Multi-Mode F.E.A.R. Arena

To help trouble shoot invalid game assets issues with some clients - the map has been updated As it turns out it was not necessary as it is...


Multi-Mode Apartment Hunting map!

Here's a new awesome looking map by Shaun Rose! He's second map, and very nice made textures, and placements. Check out the readme, and sc...



Another very sexy map by Svyatoslav. I tested it, and it looks pretty good, nice details, a bunch of new items, that you never seen before....


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Multi-Mode F.E.A.R. Arena

This map created by Layer boasts many fun modes of play. With an Interactive environment and random times of day. The map also has AI to giv...


Multi-Mode Lobos Room

This is a another map that make you feel small in a big world. The map also includes some hidden areas that will keep you guessing.


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Multi-Mode {GPK}TheLounge

This map supports Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Capture the flag set in a club house type environment with a ping pong table.


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Multi-Mode {GPK}TechRoom

This map is made to prevent people from camping by keeping everything in your face with lots of obstacles to work around.


Multi-Mode Grid

If you have played Perfect Dark you will recognize this map Grid in some aspects and more.


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