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Videos F.E.A.R. GDC Movie

The GDC 2005 movie trailer for F.E.A.R. is now available, showing the upcoming spooky supernatural first-person shooter by Monolith Producti...


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Videos Fear Weapons Trailer Pack

This trailerpack includes 10 short clips showing off each of the weapons illustrated by ingame footage.


Videos FEAR Movie - "Multiplayer"

This trailer highlights the game's multiplayer features in a minute and a half of gameplay, tournament and interview footage with producer R...


Videos FEAR Movie - "Cinematic Combat with Melee Attacks"

This short teaser demonstrates how you can have your avatar perform "cinematic combat with melee attacks" in FEAR. Pretty :) Summary:     ...


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Videos F.E.A.R. A.I. Trailer

A Behind the Scenes clip about A.I. It shows gameplay and developer interview footage.


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Videos F.E.A.R. CPL Trailer

A CPL trailer that recaps the amazing reception this game received at the Summer CPL Event in Dallas. This was the first ever MP F.E.A.R. To...