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All Files In F.E.A.R. Wallpapers
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Wallpapers Help Me Wallpaper

Wallpaper name: "Help me" Size: 1024*768pixels Tools: photoshop cs2 Time: ~50 mins


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Wallpapers Help Me Wallpaper [1280x1024]

This is the 1280x1024 version of the Help Me wallpaper with some changes (changes are undisclosed)


Wallpapers FEAR Weapon Arc Wallpaper Set

Included in this wallpaper pack are three image proportions of a very well done screenshot. The sizes included are: 1024x768 1152x89...


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Wallpapers Up to you Wallpaper

This is a cool wallpaper file that has the logo and solder on the top. Then it has three screenshots at the bottom. This is a darker wallpa...


Wallpapers 2 Wallpapers

This zip file has 2 wallpapers which look very much alike except for one major difference, one has a black background, the other a white one...


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Wallpapers 2 New wallpapers F.E.A.R

Ah, i just trashed around, then i found some nice wallpapers, enjoy! ~Sgthaarde


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Wallpapers Sgthaarde`s FEAR Wallpaper pack!

A bunch of wallpapers, check out the readme for info!:p -=-=-=-=- Remember, send all your good Poll\Skin\Maps\And all that to, team@fea...