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Nice map Hevoc!



Title : Aftermath
Version : 1.0
Release Date : 10th April, 2005
Filename : aftermath.arch00
Type : This map does feture all fear gametypes
Author : Vilhjalmur "Hevoc" Birgisson
Email Address : [email protected]
Webpage: www.fearmaps.com

Program used : Worldedit
Construction Time : 40 hours +
Processing time : Done in 0.46 minutes
Custom content: This map does feature 1 custom made sign, made in photoshop.

Place the aftermath.arch00 file in "Main FEAR folder/Shortcut to User directory/Custom/AdditionalContent"

Author's Notes:
So here it is... my first fear map, and thank god spent alot of time on this one.
My mapping and editing background is from another monolith game called "aliens versus. predator 2"
and therefore this engine and set of tools felt natural to me. Due to every mappers worst enemy "life", I
didnt really get much produced for a long period, really just getting comfortable with the tools. Also, I
spent alot of time and enegy helping others, and running a small community site, fearmaps.com

Production Notes/history:
I wanted to make a special enviroment that would really freak the player out. My goal was to create a
dark, abandoned, scary, claustrophobic map, combined with the wonderful fear universe. First of all you need a
layout, and after using the "cs" method, i got a layout, which was designed to suit all game types.
At the beginning
The concept of the map was fairly easy, and didnt take me long to have 8 diffrent corridor prefabs/
blocks, which I could build my map up from (like legos!). But when using this method your map looses focus, and
becomes a haze boring corridors. At this stage my rooms where added, they are kind of same style of archtecture
and the map didn't really have any standout points. So I felt
my map was somewhat boring, looking all the same.  Of course varition was the answer,
I wanted to give my map a mark, wich people can say "oh that's the map with the...........". A map 
needs history, it needs to make a player feel he is at a special location, that "something has happened here".  
So I slowly started to mess up and destroy my corridors, making it look like loads of action
had already taken place. This gave the corridors the varition the map needed and most importently this meant you could tell
where in he map you are. A lot of boxes was added for cover purposes, since I always 
liked seeking cover while bullets are flying all around me and still trying to shoot the enemy.  At this point rooms where still to be fixed
up, so i kind of messed them up,  in much the same way as the corridors, though this time also adding something special
to the rooms, that would make this map stand out.  So that is how the missile, open-closed generator found its way 
into the map. Lighting in this map was an issue from the start, how dark could I make this map?
Well it ended up being dark, and proberly darker then  most people would like, but I think it is a keystone to the levels atmosphere.
With all the geometry and lighting done there was only one thing left to do and that was trying to add Alma into the map.
With a little bit of planning I got a random soundsystem (plays diffrent file at a diffrent place) running in my map, and it
still freeks me out (Although I recall myself setting it up). An assault version was planned and pretty much done, 
until I found out that the "ROUNDWON" command didnt work, but that is a whole other story...
The name of the map came out of the idea that, a huge battle had alredy been there, and we were now fighting
in the "left overs". This map does not have any refillstation for ammo and health, to increase the action and panic!

So there is some background for the map, congrats to those who actually read it. After the contest I will 
seek the possibilities of releaseing the World00c, so you can see how the map is built, and maybe
learn something. Reason why its not included in this file, is it is intended for the contest, and I am not
sure if i am allowed if it is in the contest, future will show.

Hope you will enjoy the map, I sure enjoyed making it (didnt think that at the time making it tho...)

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