Apartment Hunting map!



Here's a new awesome looking map by Shaun Rose! He's second map, and very nice made textures, and placements. Check out the readme, and screenshots under, and download this map today!





Apartment Hunting
Version: 1.0
Filename: Apartment_Hunting.Arch00
Unpacked File Size: 28MB
Supported Play Modes: DeathMatch; Team DeathMatch; Slowmo DM; Slowmo TDM; Elimination; Team Elimination
Author: Shaun Rose
Email Address: srose001 AT gmail DOT com

My second attempt at mapping for F.E.A.R.! This map is basically an apartment complex consisting of 4 apartments, an employee lounge, the roof, reception area, garage and of course all associated hallways and access routes. 

Known Issues
- None that I know of!

Any other problems, suggestions, critique, compliments, or bearer only cash cheques can be sent to me at my email address. Please set the Subject of the email as "RE: Apartment_Hunting," so that I know what it is about and don't filter it as spam!
Anyone who sends me viruses and worms and other shit will receive a Look of Derision, so please, don't make me take such extreme action against you! 


Double-click the Installer file [Named ApartmentHuntInstall.exe] with the pointy arrow thing on your screen and follow the Installer instructions. If you don't know HOW to move the pointy arrow thing, then there's really no helping you...

Make sure you install the file into your F.E.A.R. "Additional Content" directory. Mine is "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Monolith Productions\FEAR\Custom\AdditionalContent" But if yours is different, just change the Install Path during the installation. 

To uninstall, just delete the Apartment_Hunting.Arch00 file from your "Additional Content" directory. That's it, no need to change your Archcfg file or nothin'! :)

NOTE: This map was made with the F.E.A.R. SDK 1.08, and have NOT been tested with previous versions of F.E.A.R.! This might not make any difference, but I thought I should at least warn you, in case you're some kind of die-hard freak that only sticks to version 1.00 of any game or something...

Terms and Conditions

Authors may not NOT use this release as a base to build additional levels. This release may NOT be modified in any way without the author's express, written permission. 

This release is intended solely for non profit use and may NOT be comercially exploited. This release MAY be shared freely through electronic media [ie. By CD, over a network, as a torrent, etc.], providing that the .zip file containing this release, and all assets therein, remain unchanged and that credit is given solely to the original Author.

The Author of this release takes no responsibility for any damage to you, your computer hardware or software, caused by this release. [If your computer craps out, you have only yourself to blame!]

Any person[s] found misusing this release will recieve a Very Sternly Worded Letter. The continued misuse of this release will find them subjected to a Sound Fonging, or [in the case of people bigger than me] will be Judged Silently behind their backs until they die of an assortment of venerial diseases, no doubt contracted while seeding one of their many illegitimate children with a lady of negotiable affection! 

Otherwise, this shit is FREE, so have fun!!!

Thanks for downloading and hope you enjoy my second map! -- Shaun Rose

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