Another very sexy map by Svyatoslav. I tested it, and it looks pretty good, nice details, a bunch of new items, that you never seen before. And yeah, look's like an awesome map! Look at the screenshots and readme below, and download this map today!:p



My F.E.A.R Readme:

Author: Svyatoslav
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Version: 1.0 (beta)
Build Time: 6 months
Public Tools Version: 1.6
Release Date : 5th April, 2007
Filename: ATC_RAISE OF CLONS.arch00
Supported Game Types: DM,TDM,Elimination 

I created a rather big and, I would say, sophisticated map so that 
players, while tracking enemy, could wander a bit in the ATC building.
I spent much time for choosing lights. To see all dark places I
advise you to play in full darkness.
At the screenshots you can see basic map locations, but there 
are still some not shown places and game features which you will find, I think,
rather interesting and, perhaps, even impressive. :)

Known bugs:
1) I do not know if a remote turret will work while playing by net.
2) I forgot to add a surface bullet reflection to the TV monitor in the conference room.
3) I hope that doors will work properly. But sometimes you may
stuck in them. To avoid it, do not hurry to enter until a door opens.
3) The projector's movie in the cinema hall is static so far.
5) I tested this map only on v1.5 and v1.6. I think, it should work
on any other versions except, perhaps, v1.0 as there is no file "AdditionalContent" where
you could put the map into.

Place the ATC_RAISE OF CLONS.arch00 file in "Main FEAR folder/Shortcut to User directory/Custom/AdditionalContent"
c:/Program Files/Sierra/FEAR

Please, about any bugs or serious lagging mail to my e-mail box which
you can see above or at the loading snapshot.

Copyright 2007 Svyatoslav:

This map may be distributed in its original zip or rar unmodified for free on any site.
Also it is not to be used as a base for another FEAR map without my explicit consent.

All rights reserved!!! :)


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