Blue Replica

fearmultiplayer_skin.rar —


This is a skin the replaces the default skin with one of the Single Player clone skins.



THIS SKIN IS FOR owners of FEAR Retail 1.08 version ONLY !!!!!!!!!!!!
You just have to extract these 2 files ( Blue_Replica & Default ) into your FEAR main directory.If it asks you to overwrite anything ,just do it.After that when you launch the game your skin will be available for you.If you host a online match other players will have to download content to see your skin in game.

You will now be able to join other servers with this skin.Only if the host has the same files in his FEAR main directory as you do.

Please send this file to all your friends...  :)
They will like it,no doubt.

If you will have any questions send them to my e-mail :                  [email protected]

Enjoy people :)

Made by me........"REPLICA"

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