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bushwacker.rar —


This is an all round map that supports your big servers. The map is always changing from day to night and even has weather effects that change with it as well. If you are one of those type of players that like to snipe or run and gun well this map has both options for you.




Version: 1.0
Filename: Bushwacker.Arch00
Unpacked File Size: 59.6MB
Supported Play Modes: All
Author: Shaun Rose
Email Address: srose001 AT gmail DOT com


My third map for F.E.A.R. and my first CTF supported map! 
This map supports all game types and is for 8-16 players. It is a really big valley kind of map with changing day/night and weather cycles! It has dense-ish vegetation, underground caves and strategically placed sniper towers and bunkers, and a few random other spots.
I would recommend only playing it over LANs, due to its large size and also because there are a lot of commands that need to be executed (to change time of day, position and intensity of sun, etc.) and I'm not sure how bandwidth-friendly this will be! I've never used keyframes before, so I really don't have a clue...

One 'day' takes 20 minutes (10 min night + 10 min day), and it transitions smoothly between morning, afternoon, dusk, and night (night comes complete with stars and thundershowers!). The map has been optimised for a 40 minute (or more) match. I could have made more random weather cycles, but decided to only have rain and lightning at night, (because the lightpoint is off and it saves frames!) and wind every second 'day,' because the wind sound gets kind of annoying after a while! (I've placed it in the music channel, so just turn it down if it bugs you!;)

As far as the CTF portion of this map is concerned, the map isn't exactly mirrored on both sides (Due to the fact that I only decided halfway through to make it CTF compatible), but if you see that one team has a tactical advantage over the other... TRY TO BE ON THAT TEAM! :)

Anyway, enjoy the map!

WARNING: Do NOT set shadow detail to 'Maximum,' unless your computer is a very high-end gaming system or you've never liked your computer and want to see it DIE!!! 'Medium' setting is usually preferable, as it removes shadows from trees and smaller rocks, which increases frame rates a LOT! Just warning you! :) 

Known Issues
- Keyframes may possibly not sync up between clients (I'm not sure about this); some people may be fighting in the rain at night while others are enjoying a sunny midafternoon! If you see people running around in the middle of the day with their torches out, then I guess they didn't sync! :) 
- After turning the wind and rain sound down with music settings, they occasionally don't come back on.
- Light clips into cave in some areas. I'm not sure why...
- Low FPS on 'Maximum' settings; sorry, I tried but failed!

Contact me if you find any other problem or bugs or anything! My email address is supplied above....

Extract the .rar archive containing the file 'Bushwacker.arch00' (and this readme) into your 'FEAR\Custom\AdditionalContent' folder. There is a shorcut to it in your FEAR root directory (IE where you installed FEAR!). The full path usually looks like this: 'C:\DocumentsandSettings\AllUsers\Documents\MonolithProductions\FEAR\Custom\AdditionalContent' 
at least, mine does! That's it, now you can play!

To uninstall, just delete the .arch00 from the AdditionalContent folder; it will not mess with your game in any way!

NOTE: This map was made with the F.E.A.R. SDK 1.08, and has NOT been tested with previous versions of F.E.A.R.! This might not make any difference, but I thought I should at least warn you, in case you're some kind of die-hard freak that only sticks to version 1.00 of any game or something...

Terms and Conditions

Authors may not NOT use this release as a base to build additional levels. This release may NOT be modified in any way without the author's express, written permission. 

This release is intended solely for non profit use and may NOT be comercially exploited. This release MAY be shared freely through electronic media [ie. By CD, over a network, as a torrent, etc.], providing that the .rar file containing this release, and all assets therein, remain unchanged and that credit is given solely to the original Author.

The Author of this release takes no responsibility for any damage to you, your computer hardware or software, caused by this release. [If your computer craps out, you have only yourself to blame!]

Any person[s] found misusing this release will recieve a Very Sternly Worded Letter. The continued misuse of this release will find them subjected to a Sound Fonging, or [in the case of people bigger than me] will be Judged Silently behind their backs! Hey, are you still reading this?!?

This map will forever stand as a testament to what can be achieved when 
you're trying to avoid studying for physics! 		  -- Shaun Rose

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