Dead Wood Forts



This map is a modfication of the Dead Wood map. It is my second map for FEAR and I think you will agree its worth the large download. I love base vs base maps and thats why i spent the time modelling the bases you see in this map. The bases were constructed in a seperate world then imported in as one object. I used the original spawns and items and just moved them to more appropriate locations.

The bases themselves have ramparts which allow for protection while versing incoming enemies. I also made sure every part of the base is accessable. There are no roof areas you cannot get to, to gain the maximum defensive advantage. I would suggest due to the great defensive nature of the bases that when playing any slow mo style that you disable power weapons and just use the default loadout as once the slow mo is moved inside a Fort it would be extremely difficult and frustrating to get out.



Dead Wood Forts Version 1.0

Map Title: Dead Wood Forts
Base Map: Dead Wood
Supported Game Types: 	SlowMoCTF, SlowMoTDM, SlowMoDM, TDM, DM, CTF
Player Support: 	4-16 player (team spawns setup)
Build Time: 		2 weeks
Public Tools Version:	1.40
Map Author: 		godspeed


greedy AT txc DOT net DOT au (AT = @, DOT = . spam protection)

Copyright 2006 godspeed:

Now I have decided as the Fort base that I built took an age to construct that I will allow the use of it in other custom maps people make. I ask only that you notify me with a quick email telling me what your mapping project is and let me know once your done. I would love to see some more maps made with this Fort incorporated.

You may use this text file as a basis for a map support document of your own.

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