E3 2004 Soundpack

This is a sound pack that makes the game have the sounds from the original build of the game from E3 2004

This will work on all version...


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File Description

This is a sound pack that makes the game have the sounds from the original build of the game from E3 2004

This will work on all versions, including the demo

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Download 'e32004_v2_soundpack.zip' (4.71MB)

NOTE: THose WITH PREVIOUS VERSION, ERASE 'fear_db1957_e32k4.arch00'

from the Config File.

the New Name is E32004final.arch00

---------------------E3 2004 FEAR SOUND PACK  VERsION 2 FINAL! -------------------  

Author: Dragonball1957   

Email : Dragonball1957@yahoo.com   - FEEDBACK IS WELCOMED!!!

Date:   04/02/06


who is this FOR?


For those Rare Fans of the Original FEAR CONTENT of its Earlier State! See below!!

About : SInce the FInal Version of FEAR has CHanged ALOTTTT!!!!!, 	guns and sounds especially, i wanted

	to try to make it Sound More HollyWoodish again.


	I have no idea why the Hell they removed so much stuff from 	the old game. Especialy the RPL Scope and the orignial 	sounds. I found them Much better.

	My Goal was to make it sound as How it was In E3 of 2004. 		You can get the old video from gamespot , ign, 3dgamers, 

	filefront so see.



Re Ripped Assault Gun and sounds CLear and Loops Properly, now

Player Assualt has the Same Sound as Enemy Assault.




The Config File Changes Depending what Version of fear u have!!!! 

If u Never Patched FEAR , the Config file would have the Word    'GAME' at the Bottom.    The Name of he SOUND PACK sound Be BETWEEN FEAR****.ARCH00 and 'GAME' 

For those with Second Or 3rd PATCH just PLAce the name of the Sound PAck at the END OF THE LIST 

ex:  FEAR***.arch00 


like above , make ure that its under the Last FEAR***.Arch00 file.  The Word 'Game'  No longer Exist After use patch 1 or 2. Sorry for confusion. 




to uninstall just remove E32004final.arch00  name from the Config File.	


Things that were changed since Version 1


RPL gun:


Has original sound from when it used to have the 'Scope'

Assault Rifle: 


It Has a little OMf.. to it. the default sound in the 	       	       game made it sound so distant.

Bullet FlyBys: 


Volume of Bulllet Whizzes have be increased 75 %  (3 times in wave recorder) to make it sound loud, over done, and intence as how FEAR was suppost to 		be. 

''''''''NOTE: to hear Whzing sounds you must set MAXIMUM sounds to 	96. 


	64 and under will not play these sounds!!!

Enemy Assault Rifle distant Sounds: 


If you Saw the Video , then you know that the Assault Rifle Sounds were Different when shot by the enemy. THis sound was One of the the Hardest to Rip. it sounds ok though. 

Last info:  I tried my best not to make the sounds 'loopy' as much as possible. 

FeedBack would be nice! - dragonball1957@yahoo.com

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