F.E.A.R. Arena



This map created by Layer boasts many fun modes of play. With an Interactive environment and random times of day. The map also has AI to give the two teams fits as well. Random Control points, and CTF flagbases mix things up as well.

This map supports the following game modes: -DeathMatch -Team DeathMatch ** -Team SlowmoDeathMatch ** -Team Elimination ** -CTF -SlowMo CTF -Control -Elimination

FEAR Combat players will not be able join RETAIL servers or vice-versa



Map Name:      F.E.A.R Arena
Creator:       Layer
Released:      April 7,2007

Build Time:    2 weeks
Tools Used:    World Edit
               Cool Edit Pro
               Animation Shop

Description:   A gladiator-esque battle for bragging rights. The crowd wants blood!
               A snipers dream come true, but be careful it doesn't turn into a
               nightmare. Plenty of cover and obstacles to wage your war around.

Highlights:    Random Times of Day
               Interactive Environment
               Basic 2 Team A.I. Battle (COOP Battle with Friendly fire on!)
               Reactive Crowd
               Random CTF Flag placement
               Random Control Placements

Installation:  Extract the "FArena.ARCH00" file to FEAR's user directory
               (shortcut is located in FEAR's main directory) in the
               "\Custom\AdditionalContents" folder.

Compatibility: DeathMatch
               Team DeathMatch **
               Team SlowmoDeathMatch **
               Team Elimination **
               SlowMo CTF

** These Game Types allow A.I. Combatants
   When activated - this game mode will reset all players by sending them
   to spectator - just spawn in again to play.

Issues:        A) FEAR Combat players will not be able join RETAIL servers
                  or vice-versa
               B) Main crowd loop will stop playing (This is rare)

This Map was tested on various machines.  If you plan on playing this map in
A.I. Mode it is recommended that you have at least a P4 2.8GHZ, 1GB RAM, and a
6600GT graphics card. ( most of which is standard nowadays anyway)

All custom content was made by me.  Please do not use them.


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