This map is made for Team DeathMatch!

Tired of playing the same old style every time you play F.E.A.R.? This map will allow you to play a...


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File Description

This map is made for Team DeathMatch!

Tired of playing the same old style every time you play F.E.A.R.? This map will allow you to play a differently style ... soccer!

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Title : VMan_F.E.A.R.Ball

Version : 1.0

Release Date :4-08-07

Type : 	Multi Player - TDM 2-6 players
Author : Gerry Fulton (aka VMan , aka Venomus)

Email Address : venomus123@yahoo.com
Webpage: www.FearMaps.com

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for these....sombody blow the dust off ok?)

Programs used : WorldEdit (v1.08 sdk for F.E.A.R.)
		Paint Shop Pro 8 (sigh)
		Paint (lol)

Base : 	Basically this is a beta test to try and change the gameplay to a 
	sorta soccer style game mode.

	Map should be run under a TDM setting only.

	Map should support up to 6 players , however it can support up to 16 (arrgh),but i dunno how
	it'll act yet...blah....

	Players cannot harm other players, its supposed to be that way.but you can knock the $#!T
	outta each other....lol and the balls....so utilize your melee attacks on others and the balls.

	The two teams must first active their team switches to signal ready, the forcefields are then 
	removed and the 1st ball is launched.

	Teams must score points by getting the ball into their opponent team's goal.
	sorry about the lengthy intro...if this is liked ill make more fearball arenas without intros.

Known bugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok given the nature of the physics in this game...sometimes the balls will dissappear (AAARRRGH)
but don't fret if they do they will be replaced by flaming skulls ;)

Construction Time : 1 week 

Machine Used to build and test:	

2.8Ghz P4HT 800FSB
XFX 7800GS Vid	(agp)
3 Gb PC3200 (400) DDR

Installation for Multi Player
Place the VMan_FEARBall.Arch00 Archive file in "Main FEAR folder/Shortcut to User directory/Custom/AdditionalContent"

Author's Notes
thanks for downloading this map.....Enjoy !

My Thanks Goes to These People: 
Layer, The_One, Jerod  and Big K (my girlfriend for putting up with all this god for saken map making crap lol).

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