F.E.A.R. Coop

This mod allows you to play single player maps and maps that where made with AI online with other players.

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File Description

This mod allows you to play single player maps and maps that where made with AI online with other players.

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BY Perfect Form
Build: Beta V.02


Build Beta V.02 (10 May, 2006)

Added Team Selection. This allows server hosts to turn off Team Killing and for variation of COOP game types with the possibility of Dual TDM/COOP (battle AI and opposing team).
Added Team Radio Commands
Added SlowMo Support for maps with SlowMo enabled

FEAR-COOP is a multiplayer cooperative gaming mode mod for F.E.A.R. that is designed to be played with custom made maps containing AI or single player mission maps.

The mod files are contained within an extractable FEAR-COOP.exe file. Simply double click on the file and follow the installation instructions to install.

FEAR-COOP installs the mod files in this location C:\Program Files\Sierra\FEAR

The files contained within this executable are:

1. FEAR-COOP.archcfg
2. FEAR-COOP.Arch00
3. FEAR-COOP.bat
4. FEAR-COOP-Server.bat
<<<NOTE>>> The following are to go in your AdditionalContent folder in the All Users Shared Documents!
7. attila_coop_test.Arch00
8. VK_CoopMap00A_COOP.Arch00
9. VK_CoopMap01A_COOP.Arch00

Two shortcuts will be placed on your desktop that enable F.E.A.R. to start in cooperative mode or cooperative dedicated server mode.

Click on the FEAR-COOP shortcut to start F.E.A.R. in cooperative gaming mode. In the multiplayer server list you will be able to join servers that appear with white text. Servers you can't join will appear as opaque in the list. The FEAR-COOP mod is flexible in that it allows server hosts to use the FEAR-COOP mod in different game modes although it's primarily designed for cooperative mode.

If it's your first time to run a server in cooperative mode it may be easier to set up your server configuration file using the in game hosting area. Here you can select maps that support the COOP game mode.

Here's is a break down on setting up custom made maps in COOP game mode. Full details on setting up a configuration file can be found in the retail version serverreadme.txt.

Setting up a FEAR-COOP server using in-game host 

To set up a FEAR-COOP server, just follow these steps:

1. Launch the FEAR-COOP game application (FEAR-COOP.exe via desktop shortcut or FEAR-COOP.bat in the main FEAR directory)
2. Select "Multiplayer" from the main game menu.
3. Select "Host" from the multiplayer menu.
4. Set up the game type (Cooperative or other prefered mode), server name, options, and map rotation.
5. Set your network port, or use the default port of 27888.
6. For the Dedicated Server option, select Yes. 
7. Click Launch. 

The game application will now close, and the standalone server application will start. Once your server is running, clients launching in FEAR-COOP Mode can search for and join it in the same way they would a normal host.  

Once your server has been configured and launched through the game interface for the first time, you can run your server again at any time by double-clicking the "FEAR-COOP Dedicated Server.exe" shortcut file on your desktop or the FEAR-COOP-Server.bat in your F.E.A.R. main directory. 

If you wish to make any changes to the server setup, you'll need to launch the game application again and change your settings through the host game interface or by manually editing the configuration file. 

Single player mission maps will also appear in your map list although you can add them or any other custom maps manually.

Single player maps are listed as Mission0=Worlds\Release\Mapname (Notice that regular maps use ReleaseMultiplayer)

The SP maps will appear in the map list for every game mode as follows:

Tweak and configure your server as suits you best.

Have fun with it all.

In your .ini please add COOP to the RequiredFeatures= or SupportedFeatures= area. The SupportedFeatures is best as it will still leave your map open in the map list for other modes.

So far...
Monolith/Vivendi Univeral/Sierra
Perfect_Form [Zombie Squad]
Arramus [Zombie Squad] (http://www.zombie-squad.org)
Death Dream (http://ddream.hostingposts.com/)
Wes (MyUnreal.com TDM)
Vault Keeper2005 (http://www.geocities.jp/vault_keeper2005/index.html)
More to come soon!


I do not take responsibility for any problems that may occur, use at your own risk.

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