F.E.A.R. ServerShield

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This is the ServerShield version 1.1 (latest), or most commonly known is [SEC]. All you have to do is add the files to your folder. This will put [SEC] in your server and get rid of hackers and adds some more admin commands. People going to your server will NOT have to download anything, all they have to do is join. There is a read me file in here for more help on how to set it up.




I am not responsible if your server explodes, crashes,  or if small green garden gnomes led by a group of former 
cia members comes and raids your server host's isp.You use this at your own risk, and while I don't think there 
exist any risk of using it, but I cannot be 100% certain. 


/==== Windows Instllation (Includes Botz3000 64 Player Addon)

[1] - Stop Your Server
[2] - Upload the FEARBugs.Arch00 to the main directory of the server.
    - [NOTE] - Please upload using ftp do not use a php script (zeroservers ecspecially).
[3] - Find the file default.archcfg on your server and add to the very last line of the file "FEARBugs.Arch00" without quotes.
[4] - Save that file.
[5] - Restart Your Server

//==== Linux Installation (Does not include Botz3000 64 Player Addon)

[1] - Stop Your Server
[2] - Find the file in the main server directory called libGameServer.so and rename it to libGameServer.bak
[3] - Upload the new libGameServer.so to that directory.
[4] - Restart your server.

// What Does It Fix?

	- Hack and cheat fixes
	[*] Fixes Non Admins Modifying Server Settings
	[*] Fixes Non Admins Pausing Servers
	[*] Fixed two bugs that could allow a player to force another player to commit suicide.
	[*] Fixes 5 Exploits that allows players to instantly kill every player in the server.
	[*] Fixes a bug that would allow someone to control other players guns.
	[*] Fixed a bug that allowed a player to spawn ANY weapon or item.
	[*] Fixed 2 Infinite Health Bugs There is one more, that I can see.
	[*] Fixed a server crash exploit.
	[*] Fixed Teleportation Hack
	[*] Fixed a Logic issue that could allow a player to forcibly kick another player from a server.
	[*] Fixed a bug that could allow a player to play animations on other players screens.
	[*] Fixed a bug that could allow a player to make other players walk at very slow speeds.
	[*] Fixed a bug that could allow a player to become invisible.
	[*] Fixed a bug that could allow a player to go into god'ish mode.
	[*] Added Speed Hack Detection
	[*] Added a few checks for spread modifications.
	[*] Added detection of a bug that if exploited could allow a player to fire faster than he is supposed to.
	[*] Added code that will prevent vote spamming.
	[*] Added code to detect and prevent a player from picking up an item from anywhere on the map. Flags/Armor/Health/Ammo/Weapons etc.
	[*] Some cheats if detected will auto add an ip ban to the server for the offending player.
	[*] Other cheats will result in a 5 minute temporary ban.

	- Non hack additions and fixes
	[*] Added admin command to pause and unpause server.
	[*] Incorporates Botz3000 64 Player Addon
	[*] Does not add any downloads to the server. This includes the Botz3000 64 Player Addon.
	[*] Players will not receive a "Invalid Assets" message if they join another server after yours.

// What else?

When you are logged into scmd you can use the following commands

cmd_slay [ClientID] - Specified Client Kills His or Herself
cmd_team [ClientID] - Specified Client Changes Team
cmd_pause	    - Pauses / Unpauses the server
cmd_version	    - Displays when I compiled this.

// What happens when someone is caught?

If someone is flagged a cheater a file called "mp_cheater.log" will be created in the user directory of the server. With all the info about the kick or ban.
Sometimes it doesn't log so count on your players to inform you if it doesn't. I don't know why this happens it just does. I see no reason its probably something to do with the server itself. Also its a good idea to point out that the GUID logged isn't the PBGUID its the GameSpy GUID which is used to ban people normally without PB from the server.
There actually is a few bugs in the logging such as a few things will be logged multiple times like 5 or so.  I will fix them, eventually.

//Here are the changes that have been made.
[*] Fixed bugs for servers with custom settings on weapon accuracy.
[*] Added some settings to be configured in the settings file.
[*] Added the ability for server admins to allow a spawn protection time.
[*] Added the ability for server admins to make team kills count towards the overall team score.
[*] Servers running the fix will now have [SEC] appended to the map name. For easy identification.

These settings can go in your server configuration. They don't have to but can, it depends on how you want to run your server.

SpawnProtectiontTime=[seconds] //Number of seconds a player has before he can be damaged after spawning. (I recommend a really like 2 seconds (can go a long way.)
ShowOverrides=[0/1]  //If you want to keep your server settings a secret set this to 0 and it won't show your servers settings in the display browser. (this is only the settings from the mpcustimizations.txt file).
HyperPunching=[0/1]  //Will disallow hyper punching if set to 0.
TeamKillsCount=[0/1] //TeamKillsCount if set to 1 tk's count towards the team score.
KickPlayers=[0/1]    //This will not kick players from the server if a cheat is detected on them. (I would NOT advise setting this to 0. or setting this option at all it kicks by default. (this should only be for matches where a false positive is possible) (not likely but possible).

//Here are the current commands as of this version.

cmd_teamkills	[0/1]
cmd_hyper       [0/1]
cmd_spawn       [Time in Seconds]
cmd_team        [ClientID]
cmd_slay        [ClientID]

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