Fear Me

Changes he has made:

Assault Rife: -Now has a 100rd clip (because the model has a drum mag, and not a normal mag) -Accuracy is much imp...


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Changes he has made:

Assault Rife: -Now has a 100rd clip (because the model has a drum mag, and not a normal mag) -Accuracy is much improved -Recoil is much less -Tracers are now shown for each shot, not every 3 or 5

SMG: -Damage is less, and so is penetration level -To balance this, less recoil but recovery rate is higher -Tracers are shown every 2 shots, not every 3

Semi-Auto Rifle: -Recoil and recovery rate is way down (hey, it's a bullpup) -Mag now holds 50rds -Tracer for every shot

Pistol/Dual Pistols: -Penetration level increased (because the gun is powerfull and kinda sounds like a Deagle in slow-mo) -For Dual- Fires one gun then the other, not randomly -Faster fire rate is possible, (this is not true fire rate, just how fast you can pull the trigger

Flashlight now has infinite batteries (pretend it's using LED's) Icon for Flashlight is hiden from the HUD (editor program did this automaticaly)

You now effectily have infinite slomo (it just is set to last 24hours) (thank stephen hobson for this)

Max health for the player is now 200 (the # 2 from the 200health shows up wider then the 1 from the 199 health, so is shows up out of the health box, but you get over it.

The walking speed is now the same as the crawling speed (don't ask why I changed this, IDK) Running speed is a little faster

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Download 'fearme.zip' (135KB)

Author/Compiler: Steve Guilmette (shadowhill_420@yahoo.com for questions or comments)

There might or might not be some other, smaller changes that I have forgotten, oh well. 

Ok, I hope you like this mod, its my first

To install the mod, go to your main FEAR folder, the first one. 
In there, is a file called "Default.archfg" Open this with something like Notepad
(change the read only setting to off so you can save)
At the bottom of the archive list, type "FEARME.Arch00" , save and turn the read only back on
Put the FEARME.Arch00 file in this main foler
That's it, the mod is installed. Uninstalling only requires the removel of this file and the line of code about it.

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