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This mod takes a major effects how your Slowmo works among other things. First off if we watch the video below we can tell that the mod really slows down how the slowmo trigger works taking everything to a crawling pace while still allowing you to move at normal speed. This can allow for a lot of fun with the rag doll physics as they have been tweaked just a little bit just for this mod. In about the last minute of the video below you can see how a corpse will fly into the air and you can still shot at him while the blood falls from the sky.

I would advise only players that have already beat the single player to use this mod as it will greatly effect the game play making things extremely easy in slow mo and giving practically infinite ammo.

Make sure your F.E.A.R. has the lastest 1.08 patch and that you start a new game or this mod will not work as intended.



Modname: InojMod
Auther: kirilltch ([email protected])
Version: 0.1

Discription: be the one

watch a video of this mod in action at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nFQM0NUgbE

Features 0.1:

- Slowmo makes everything around you much slower, while you still move at normal speed
- Physics are tweaked a bit
- almost infinite slowmo!(one hour long, and recharges in 10th of a second)
- weapons are tweaked, more ammo can be carried
- more blood/gore

This mod was intended for use with the single player campaign. It was written for the 1.08 version of Fear.
It will not work on a different version of the game than the 1.08


Place all three files (InojMod.Arch00, InojMod.archcfg, StartInojMod.bat) in the root directory of you game. (That is the same directory where FEAR.exe
is located). And run the StartInojMod.bat to start the game with the mod.

That's it.

PS.: you will have to start a new game, in order for the mod to work properly.

criticism is welcome. Don't boo, just forword your ideas to the modder so that the mod can be inproved.


Feel free to use this in your own mod or edit it. All I ask is that I get a head's up
via email and a nod in the readme, i.e. I'd like credit for my efforts.

Special thanks:
Modder`s Hell, Sgthaarde

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