This is a single player map that is very detailed. The map has a lot of AI to fight against and even stats out with a cinimatic show right a...


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This is a single player map that is very detailed. The map has a lot of AI to fight against and even stats out with a cinimatic show right at the start. The story is based in a weapons testing facility in a desert where you have lost communications with command. The only thing that is know is that there was some heave weapon firing going on.

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Download 'vman_masada.rar' (27.61MB)


Title : Operation Masada

Version : 1.0

Release Date :4-10-06

Filename : Masada_SP

Type : 	Single Player
	Multi Player - supports DM, CTF and TDM 8-16 players
Author : Gerry Fulton (aka VMan)

Email Address :
Webpage: /

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Programs used : WorldEdit

Base : Basically this is my first attempt at a single player map
for F.E.A.R., The story is simple........Masada Base has lost communications with
command, Heavy Weapons Fire was the last thing reported.
The base is a Weapons Testing Facility out in the middle of a desert in a canyon ;)
your objective is to enter the base....kill the bad guys and save anyone left alive including yourself lol.

Construction Time : 4 1/2 weeks? .

Machine Used to build and test:	

2.8Ghz P4HT 800FSB
XFX 7800GS Vid	
1 Gb PC3200 (400) DDR

Installation for Single Player
For this to work i had to do it this way ;)
Goto C:\Program Files\Sierra\FEAR Folder 
There you will find a file called Default.archcfg
I opened my Default.archcfg and edited it to add the Masada.ARCH00.
use note pad or the like to open will have to change the Attributes
to the Default.archcfg to save it.

To do this select the file Default.archcfg right click for properties... 
go down to attributes and uncheck Read-only.

Next I placed My Masada.ARCH00 in the 

C:\Program Files\Sierra\FEAR Folder 

with the original retail ARCH's.

So now when you select Single Player this map takes the place of Intro Map.
Basically it allows you to play the map....and when you complete the map,
it picks up on the next Retail map.
If you don't want it to do this after your done with it, simply edit the 
Default.archcfg and remove the masada entry.

Installation for Multi Player
Place the MasadaMP.Arch00 Archive file in "Main FEAR folder/Shortcut to User directory/Custom/AdditionalContent"

Author's Notes
thanks for downloading this map.....Enjoy !

My Thanks Goes to These People: 
The_One, Big K (my girlfriend for putting up with all this damn map making crap lol).

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