This is a singleplayer mod created by Mojojojoe, it being his first, he did a pretty good job of it. This mod has no multiplay...


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This is a singleplayer mod created by Mojojojoe, it being his first, he did a pretty good job of it. This mod has no multiplayer support, but should work with all other game versions! There were several changes made with this mod, the first being the slomo gore, which, any self respecting gamer with a high expectation for blood, guts and body parts will be sure to enjoy.

Here are a few of the changes you can expect: The slomo was reduced a bit, it is originally 1/5, the developer has changed it to 1/6. Player movements have been sped up. The recharge rate for he weapons has also been increased; it is almost instantanious now. The wait period for going back into slomo has been removed.

Another change found in this mod is the gore level, it has been increased...alot! Choose a particularily messy weapon, like the shotgun, and the next thing you know, it'll be raining body parts. (The only thing missing from this mod is an umbrella) However, you'll have to make due with the gore level found here, as there will no longer be any gibs.

A major change made is with the weapons: The pistol can now carry 300 rounds and has 30 round clips. This is needed as the pistol will now fire like an automatic. The shotgun now fires 10 pellets instead of the standard six. This gives an adequit reason for the increased gore, as now, the shotgun will inflict a lot more damage. The assault rifle now can carry 1000 rounds and has a hundred round clip.

This mod rates very high on my fun-0-meter[, and is a must have for any FEAR gamer out there that enjoy the singleplayer side of the game!

Refer to the readme for more information and installation instructions.

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Mojo's Mod 1.0
by: Mojojojoe
E-Mail: thekingofashland AT yahoo DOT com

Installation Instructions. 
Put MojoMod.Arch00 into your fear folder. 
Then select the Default.archcfg and open up its properties. Untick the read only the open it 
and add the line: MojoMod.Archoo ... then open its properties again and retick the read-only.
Then just run FEAR and enjoy.

This is made with 1.07 SDK but should work with all other game versions. THIS MOD IS FOR

Description: This mod modifies a few thing such as slomo gore and some weapons. 
The slomo was the first part I modified. I slowed Slomo down a tad 
(was originally 1/5 I made it 1/6) and sped up player movement (was 2/1 now is 3/1).
I also sped up the recharge rate, like bam, instant or close to it. I also removed the 
wait period (the time before you can go back into slomo) it was 1 second now it is ZERO.
So now even if you have a small bar of slomo between the instant recharge and no waiting 
to get back in slomo if you are almost out just press the slomo button once to phase out 
then again to phase back in. 

The second part I modified was gore. This adds a lot of it. Bust out the shotgun and when
you start chopping down replica forces you are gonna see body parts flying everywhere, heads
halves, arms and legs. But guns will no longer gib as in go splat in a cloud of blood. 
Explosions still can gib your enemies into red mist but that makes more sense.

The third part I modified was the weaps. Pistol can carry 300 rounds and has 30 round clips.
This is because the pistol now fires almost like an automatic. You cant tell this as much 
with the dualies. The shotgun now fires 10 pellets instead of the standard 6(this will 
blast your enemies pieces alot further because of the extra damage and force). Also the only 
semi-automatic weapon is the missile launcher, the semi-auto sniper still fires in bursts
but if you hold down the trigger it will keep firing with a fairsized delay between shots.
The assault rifle now can carry 1000 rounds and has a hundred round clip. Besides the clip 
size the assault rifle now has the same damage and umph as those remote turrets you get to 
use from time to time. So start mowing, really helpful in the later levels. I made a custom 
damage type for the nailgun so it wouldn't dismember your enemies. I might change this in 
later versions. I also boosted the wall pin distance, it was 400 but it is now 1000 so you 
can pin your foes to walls that are a bit of a ways away. And I gave it a damage boost, one 
headshot WILL kill anyone but heavy and poweredarmor. The missiles the missile launcher fires 
are no longer drunken but fly straight. 

I added 2 weapons. The first is the Laser Gun(penatrator model and still says penetrator but 
I can't fix that at the moment cause I accidentally deleted my String file thingy). It fires
lasers like the drones do and is pretty powerful. The second is a "lightning gun", the quotes
are because you don't see a bolt or anything, It fires an invisible stream of charged 
particles at your enemies which fries them(electricity damage not energy so no smoking 
skeleton). It uses the plasma weapons model and still says plasma (same problem as the 
laser gun). Both have infinite ammo since you cant pick up ammo and since you can't pick 
them up in the first place you also start out with them.

The fourth thing I modified, MELEE. Because of your unique *cough* heritage *cough* I 
thought you should atleast have some superpower of your own besides the slomo.  
So you are now really strong. If you punch someone in the face off goes their head, 
same with arms, legs and halves. You can also do the same with your feet.

The Fifth thing I modified was the Prox grenades. The only thing I changed was it's throw 
distance. You now freaking dicus the the prox nades. I did this because of a useful 
offensive tactic I discovered. If you don't want to wait for it to land and activate 
just throw it near an enemy or group of enemies, activate slom, take out your pistol 
or other acurate  weapon and shoot it. It's a little difficult to place them now because of 
the force you throw them so I suggest using the "tears" cheat code to give you infinite ammo 
and mess around with them till your comfortable with them.

And the last thing I modified was your weapons capacity. This is a nice FPS game and like 
most of these kind of games I thought you should have the old fashion Marry Poppins bag 
where you kept your horde of guns. So now when you pick up a gun you keep it the rest of 
the game or until you drop it, except for one weapon, there are 11 guns and a carry 
capacity of 10 so you must sacrafice a gun. You will have to scroll through your 
weapons to get to the rest of them besides the first three.

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