Thorn Final

A great remake of a UT map with plenty of areas and rooms for you to kill :)


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A great remake of a UT map with plenty of areas and rooms for you to kill :)

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Release notes:

Beta01 (Nov 25th)
I was a big Unreal/UT fans. I love the map CTF-Thorn. Very fast action. Extremely intense! So I made the FEAR version of Thorn beta01 in 5 hours after I discovered the SDK was released. (First time ever seen WorldEdit/Dedit by the way.) The map was almost exact size of the UT version. In order to see how well it plays using FEAR weapons, I started a test server and hosted it online. Within a few hours the server was pack. I immediately found out that everyone chose ASP (the sniper rifle) as their weapon. That is NOT the CTF-thorn that I wanted. I want fast intense action, not careful, small moving sniping action. So I immediately down scale the map to make other weapons a better fighting chance. There went the beta 2.

Beta02 (Nov 26th)
So I hosted beta 2 on my server again and the game went much faster, since the map was much smaller. 

Beta03 (Nov 27th AM)
Added a couple of ditches in the middle on the side for people to go across the middle no man's land easier.

Beta04 (Nov 27th PM)
The ditches did help people to get across better, but the game went a bit too fast. So I added a switch to let people to close the ditches if they want to. 

Beta05 (Nov 27th PM)
As requested, a street turret was added right behind the flag. L O L. What a mistake. Nobody could cap.

Beta05b (Nov 28th)
Moved the turret to the side with obvious disadvantage to the right hand side and limited shooting area.

Beta06 (Nov 29th)
Pretty much the same as Beta05b but was testing a flying assault vehicle with an Under Construction side and a glass cover surrounding the thing so that nobody (except me) can access it.

Beta07 (Nov 30th)
Pretty much done with the flying thingy but still unstable depends on users' ping. (Had a lot of people dropped by regularly saying that they just wanted to see what have changed on the map. )

Beta08 (Dec 1st)
Removed the street turret as requested just to test it out again.

Beta09 (Dec 2nd)
Add a couple of tiny houses with ladders for people to climb up and snipe. Turrets were back. N00bs love that thing.

Beta10 (Dec 3rd - Dec 9th)
Moved the rocket launcher to the new 2nd floor with only Elevator access. Added a trap with it. Only one side of the entrance is done. Added Jump Pads in the back. The flying assault vehicle is permanently closed. Many days have passed. Didn't want to waste more time on it. I swore I wouldn't work on another moving vehicle using the FEAR engine again.

Beta11 (Dec 10th)
Both sides of the 2nd floor entrances were done and started building subway stations underground.

Beta12 (Dec 11th - Dec 15th)
Subway station was done but it was a b*tch to get the trains to work the way I wanted it. I guess I forgot about my swearing.

Beta13c (Dec 16th)
Trains were done. Added AI bots. (Thanks to The_One, one of the site admin of, an assurance of AI could be done for online game.) The bots are spawned in the middle when both fire traps are activated. 

Beta13d (Dec 17th)
A surprise on the subway platform if you decide to just run to the other base without taking the trains. 

Just clean up some sectors, fixed some bugs, and optimize some lighting and prefabs.  Almost identical to Beta13d.

On a side note, I got a lot of responses saying that they love this kind of action. It's very different from the normal FEAR style with room after room, corner after corner that people could disappear into. Of course there are people who EXTREMELY hate this map saying that there are no room to hide and no corner to dissappear to. 

A server called "FDS TeamCTF FR" which almost ALWAYS have players online are still running the beta01 of this map! I also got comments from many people saying that they like the older versions of the beta maps with no 2nd floor and no subway station better, since everybody has to be forced to go only one way - forward! D-Day style! I guess that's why "FDS TeamCTF FR" is still running the beta01. 

Since this CTF_Thorn up to Beta 05b are still only a single level map and more true to the original CTF_Thorn, and some people do prefer the original no-gimmic type fighting, I have those older betas available in my website for you to download as well.

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