Trojan'sGore Single Player Mod

I am proud to present to you; the first user-created mod ever submitted to FearGameFiles!

This mod will make blood explosions more realis...


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I am proud to present to you; the first user-created mod ever submitted to FearGameFiles!

This mod will make blood explosions more realistic, then that of what the game has scripted. This mod will allow the user to dismember enemies much easier, but on the flipside, it makes making an enemy explode much harder.

The submachine guns will also fire slightly faster.

A few more modifications were made and are displayed in the readme.

Great work Trojanman190!

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Title: Trojan'sGore
AUthor: Trojanman190
Email: Trojanman190 AT gmail DOT com


This is my first mod [hopefully of many] for this fantastic game.  When I sat down to think
about what to do for a first mod... I couldn't really think of anything; this game is fantastic
as it is!  Afterawhile though, there were a few things that came to mind.

1. Those goofy blood explosions.  They can be pretty cool when using a grenade or something explosive,
   but when shooting a dude in the head with a shotgun... causing the whole dude to explode seemed a
   little bit much.  That and the blood all over the walls would disapear real fast, which brings
   me to my second goal.

2. Walls decals [bullet holes and blood] disapear WAY to rapidly.  Blood seems to only last
   about 30 seconds and bullet holes only a little bit longer.  Major bummer.

3. Model decals [wounds on enemies] disapear way to rapidly.


I was able to solve 2 of those.
So, with that being said this is what my mod does:

1.) Those goofy blood explosions are just about gone.  There is still an extremely small chance of
    causing a bad dude to explode... but it is an EXTREMELY small chance.  In all my testing I havent 
    seen it after I made my change.

2.) While it is near impossible to cause someone to explode now, taking off an arm is MUCH easier.  
    Just about every close range blast with a shotgun will take a chunk off of a badguy.  Things are 
    still proportionate tho.  Long range shotgun hits are unlikely to dismember enemies.  Also, blowing 
    a guy in half is still a pretty rare occurance.

3.) Grenades are just about garanteed to take pieces off of the bad guys.  Very similar to the way
    the shotgun now works but the probability of dismemberment is even higher. 

4.) The submachine gun fires a little faster.  I did this because the original game uses tracer effects
    to make you think the gun is fireing faster than it is.  THe assualt rifle gives off less tracers
    than the submachine gun does, so you are lead to believe that the submachine gun fires faster.
    Now it does.  

5.) When the player has down to 50 life they will start breathing heavily.  At about 25 the heartbeat
    sound will come in.  Both of these were enhanced above what they originally were.  At the hardest
    difficulty [the one i play on], it is very rare to get to below 30 life.  Usually a shot beyond 50
    means you are dead.  It just makes these effects a little more aparent in game.


Sadly, I couldnt get wall decals to stay beyond what they are at right now.  If anyone manages to figure 
that out, please send me an email.


INSTALLATION: Its really easy...

1.) Unzip to your fear game folder.  
2.) Make a shortcut to the FEAR.exe. Name it something like "Fear Trojan'sGore"
3.) Open the shortcut's properties.
4.) In the target window, add this after the target. " -archcfg Trojan'sGore.archcfg" 
5.) Run the shortcut to play the mod!


This mod works when hosting muliplayer but I have no tested it with other players.
I also noticed that when you boot the mod up it brings the game up as 1.00 and asks you if you want
to update.  I dont know if this is only because its my mod or if the game actually boots up in 1.00.
Thats all the problems I have found.


If you intend to use parts of this in another mod I dont mind.  Just please give credit where credit is due.
If you have any questions, my email is Trojanman190 AT gmail DOT com.


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