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Modifications Fallout 3 Mod Fallout: THE WASTES

This is a demo of my mod Fallout: THE WASTES. Unzip wastes.rar to the Fallout: TACTICS directory overwriting all files. Install FT Improver...


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Modifications Various Rock Posters

This mod for Fallout replaces the posters with various rock bands.


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Modifications Blinzler - Homemade Wondermeat

Deep in the bowels of the Jury St. Metro station northwest of Megaton is a slightly nutty "Scientist" with a mission.


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Modifications MrLabTechnician v1.9

Changes the lab table functionality to make more sense. And made it a lot more interesting to use it. Instead of creating a random compound,...


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Modifications House Terminal v1.3

This mod adds a House Terminal to the player house/ apartment.


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Modifications Zumbs' Darker Sunglasses v1.2

The sun glasses in the game were very transparent and lacked reflection from light sources (specular light). This mod changes sunglasses so...


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Modifications Fallout 1 Child Patch

This patch adds children back into the EU and GoG versions of Fallout 1.


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Modifications Timeslip Fallout Engine Tweaks v1.4

Timeslip has created a mod that increases movement and combat speed to up to 10x normal, plays fallout in a window, uses the mouse scroll wh...