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All Files In Fallout 3 Modifications
Modifications Water Edges Fix

This mod fixes a global issue in Fallout 3 where the water edges don't have any kind of effects, this mod fixes this by making the water...


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Modifications Fallout 3 Better Game Pace Mod

Better game pacing is reached by reducing XP rewards for combat, lockpicking and hacking, thus focusing the big XP gains on doing quests.


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Modifications Eric's Weapon Damage Tweaks v1.0

This addon simply increases the damage of some of the weapons in the game to make them viable as primary weapons. This addon is not designed...


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Modifications Skill Level Cap 100 Mod v1.65

This mod allows characters to have skill level stats above 100 and up to 255. Previously any skill levels at 100 would stall the game so thi...


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Modifications Fallout 3 - 10mm Pistol v2

Improves on the 10mm pistol by adding better sounds, Hi-RES textures, better specular lighting, and slightly different skin.


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Modifications Subtle Sunglare FX

Adds a slight beaming effect to the sunshine, and also modifies the general outline of the sun. Makes sunsets and sunrises look more dynamic...


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Modifications Enhanced Night Sky v0.1b

This mod is a high-resolution replacement for the default night sky, taken from real-life starfield photography.


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Modifications G3A3 Rifle v1.0

This mod adds a retextured version of the assault rifle.


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Modifications Level 30 and 40 Cap Mod v1.21

This mod increases the default level cap at 20 to level 30 or 40. This mod does have some drawbacks.


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Modifications Weapon Damage and Accuracy Mod v0.20

This mod focuses on changing the projectile damage and accuracy with real world numbers. Similar projectile have similar weapon damage and a...


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Modifications Dark 10mm Sub Machinegun

A 10mm sub machine gun skin that changes the appearance to black.


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Modifications Welcome To The Wasteland

The WELCOME TO THE WASTELAND mod brings hardship back into the fallout world and rebalances many game systems to make for a more complex gam...


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Modifications Gameplay Balance Overhaul v0.3b

The mod offers several gameplay changes including changing several gameplay settings such as level caps, EXP and level up mods, and characte...


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Modifications Amara Female Character

Female character that is female based on lookes like the main character Joanna Dark from the game Perfect Dark.The save is from Vault 101 -...


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Modifications Midori Female Character

Asian based female character with purple hair.


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Modifications Desert Eagle

This mod adds a retextured version of 10mm handgun plus a custom gun sound.


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Modifications Ebony Ripper

This complete changes the appearance of the Ripper into elegant weapon trimmed gold and black leather.


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Modifications Ammo Sorter Mod

Moves ammunition to the top or the bottom of the main Items list in Barter and Container menus.


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Modifications Mighty Mouse Mod v0.5

Increases the STR of the character and increases their ability to carry more equipment.


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Modifications Pirate Outfit

These textures turn the RaiderArmor03 outfit (Raider Badlands Armor) into a pirate costume. This release only works on the female version of...


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Modifications Eye Changing Utility

This allows changes to the default eye color and appearance. Pick from a wide range of different eye colors and shapes.


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Modifications Black Trench Coat

This changes the Colonel Autumn Coat into a kick butt black trench coat.


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Modifications Cross Armor Repair v1.1

This mod enables players to repair armor using similar counter parts previously unavailable. Now armor can be repaired with a wider range of...


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Modifications Custom Race Resource v1.0

This mod allows load custom characters and upload features like an eyepatch, playing as a Ghoul, and loading different character features.


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