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Skins Fresh Laser Pistol Skin

DescriptionThis mod aims to make the textures of the laser pistol look more "well used but well maintained"instead of...


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Skins Feral Ghoul

This skin changes the appearance of the feral ghoul by bringing more color to the monster with glowing green and yellow skin and red flesh t...


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Skins Pipboy 3000 Red and Black Skin

This skin changes the appearance of Pipboy 3000 to a red tint with a darker black Pipboy.


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Skins Wastland Queen Doomsday v1.1

This skin turns character into Wasteland Queen from Doomsday movie.


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Skins MathieuG89 Female Ghoul Skin v0.2

This skin improves the appearance of the female ghoul to have improved green and yellow skin textures and flesh tones.


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Skins Camo Power Armor Skin

This skin changes the power armor into a highly camo unit.


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Skins Shandra Female Character Skin

This cute ebony lady is beautiful and deadly at the same time.


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Skins Chuck Norris Character Skin

Chuck Norris character. If you have anything to say about it, Chuck Norris will demonstrate why he has a black belt Karate.


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Skins Shayla Lioness Female Character Skin

Shayla Lioness is a female character with lino like appearance with marksman attributes.


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Skins Pipboy 3000 Black & Blue Skin v1.5

Name: SPARTAN VI's Black n Red/Red PipboyVersion: 1.5Date: 11/11/2008Category: Models and TexturesGame: Fallout 3Requirements: WinRarAuthor:...