20th Centuary Weapons



and am finding weapons from the mod on enemy Raiders and Super Mutants, and possibly on merchants as well.I believe this was the final version publically released. Use 7-zip and an archiver support that format to extract the files into your Fallout 3 directory. 20th centuary Weapons required Calibr to run, and there is an optional plugin that changing the shells to the prettier XCalibr versions. The weapons stats are balanced with respect to vanilla Fallout, so if you are using the FWE overhaul, you could use FO3Edit to change the weapon stats. Merged patch creation is the easiest - start FO3Edit and once it has loaded, right clcik and create a merged patch. The alternative is to use Wyre Flash to create a Bashed patch. It gives you more control, but required more fiddling. MEnsure you add the 20th centuary weapons plugins to Leveled Lists, FormID Lists and Import Inventory sections. If you don't merge the FormID lists, for instance, Super Mutants will be unable to use the new weapons and engage you with their hands :(



2 years ago

I have this file and many many others that the nexus nannies got rid of.  i will re-upload any of them since they are MIA. feel free to contact me if you are looking for something and cannot find it. 


2 years ago