Ashara's FFXIII Lightning Gunsword and Armour

switch between the sword and the gun using a special item that is added to your inventory.There are a garage bin and a special workbench in...

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switch between the sword and the gun using a special item that is added to your inventory.There are a garage bin and a special workbench in two interior places: the Rivet City marketplace and Dominic and Machete's House at Canterbury Commons. The garage bins contain the schematics for creating both Gunsowrds and some ammunition.The contents of the garage bins respawn, so you can get new Gunsword schematics and improve the condition of the weapons created using the workbenches (the condition will only improve with the first 3 schematics you get, like in vanilla Fallout 3. After that getting more schematics will not affect the condition of the Gunswords you create). You can only create the Gunswords at those special workbenches.Both weapons can be repaired using any of the version of the sword and the gun, using whet stones, hammers or the items used to build them.There is also included a second version of the armour (top, skirt, bracelet, boots, jacket and gloves). You can buy it from Bannon at the Rivet City Marketplace, Moira Brown at Megaton or Anthony Ling at Tennpeny Tower. They sell the following items:* Bracelet (uses bodyaddon1 slot)* Boots (use bodyaddon2 slot)* Clothes (use upperbody slot)* Jacket (uses bodyaddon3 slot)* Left Glove (uses left hand slot)* Right Glove (uses right hand slot)* Full Armour, that comprises the Bracelet, Boots, Clothes, Gloves and Jacket and uses the upperbody slot.* Also, 2,000 caps have been added to these merchants.There are three versions of each part of the armour: Normal colour (like the ones Lightning wears), Black and Green.All pieces of equipment can be repaired using leather belts, the Mercenary Charmer outfit, the Leather armour or any of the parts of the armour itself.The armour is made for Dimon's Type 3 Berry body.

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