The Institute - a fully voiced quest mod

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  • Over 300 lines of fully voiced, lip synced dialogue.
  • A cover-up to be unraveled through exploration, investigation and interrogation.
  • Many ways to meet your objectives and multiple endings.
  • Conflicting choices to be made and an experience that is unique to your character's stats, skills, style and choices.
  • Custom perks, characters, cells, weapons, armor, clothing, items, clutter, and of course: dialogue.

Fixed in 1.0.1

  • Fixed script for the IRC entrance that was causing it to not open for some.
  • Removed "Identical to Master" records.
  • Terry's computer can now optionally be used to remove any of the perks gained at the end of the quest. I realize a computer doesn't make a lot of sense, but it was never intended for the user to remove the perks. This has mainly been added because some people had issues where other mods were overwriting the addiction script effect on Nuka Cola, associated with one of the perks. This can be fixed by setting TheInstitute lower in load order and/or by making a merge patch (see technical issues discussion for details). That said, if neither of these appeal to you and you just want to remove the perk, now you can.

How to start the questThe story begins with the discovery of a dead body, dressed in an unusual radiation suit, just outside the Chryslus Building. The information you find on the corpse will lead you to one of The Institute's remote clinics (or IRCs) where you'll uncover a layered conspiracy and be faced with the decision of what to do about it.Potential ConflictsEvery effort has been made to keep the mod autonomous, with exception to the following two instances.

  • The mineshaft door to Vault 87 (which led nowhere in Vanilla Fallout 3) now leads to the main interior cell for The Institute. If another mod has tried to do the same thing, obviously this will cause problems.
  • One of the perks (the one gained for helping Galen) carries a side effect which is relieved by drinking Nuka Cola. As such, a script effect has been added to Nuka Cola and if another mod tampers with Nuka Cola, this may interfere. To resolve the issue, you can set TheInstitute lower in the load order and/or make a merged patch (see technical issues discussion for more details). Alternatively, you can just help Rutherford instead of Galen.

InstallationStandard affair: make sure you have ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated (or use the Mod Manager feature), and extract the RAR's contents to your Data folder. Enable the ESM in either your launcher or your Mod Manager and you should be good to go.More about the IRC modI've been working on The Institute for more than a year and am proud to finally be sharing it with the public. It may not be perfect - in fact, I'm already working on some fixes for the next release, but they are all minor and purely cosmetic. Depending on how well the mod is received, an expansion may be in the works as well - I've already talked to the actors involved and they're all on board. There seems to be a shortage of quality quest mods out there (especially properly voiced ones) so I hope this will stand out as an exception.


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