Water Edges Fix



This mod fixes a global issue in Fallout 3 where the water edges don't have any kind of effects, this mod fixes this by making the water look more natural where it collides with objects and the shoreline. The screenshots below show examples of how well this works, a subtle change but one worth adding.



There is global problem with the water in Fallout 3. After many years I'm still in love with this game so decided to do something with blinking edges at water surface in the places where edge contacts with soil and stones.

It can be noticed at any place where the water is. You can check examples below.

This effect is noticeable at certain distances and especially annoying when you're slowly.

This is due to the inaccuracies of the 3d engine. In the water parameters, a layer of upper and inner fog is placed. The upper fog is the physical surface of any water and has virtually zero transparency at the beginning of the plane.this creates the effect that the water is invisible at certain points or does not look like water, but looks like smoke or something.

The first priority was to get rid of the flickering edges. These edges in some places light and dark in others, making it impossible to select a universal color. I had to change a few parameters and try not to lose the realism of the water.Now the physical boundary of the water is visible, flickering edges are minimized, the effect of improper refraction and excessive pixelation is reduced for objects under water, which you look close.

Just put .esp file in your data folder and activate the mod in FOMM. This has no effect on your previous game and only makes change to water.

I reccomend to set fNearDistance to 9 in your Fallout.ini file to minimize z-fighting for water edges to increase mod perfomance.

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