Now you too can worship Todd Howard within Fallout 4

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

Ah, Bethesda's Todd Howard. You either love him or you loath him, but just like Marmite, chances are you tend to buy his products anyway, if not out of sheer delight for the latest RPG game to come pike, then for a morbid afternoon of complaining about just how bitter the taste left in your mouth was.

For those of you who worship the man who occasionally tells you those sweet, sweet little lies, this new mod for Fallout 4 by Wanaming0 is certainly the one for you. It allows you to build statues of Todd Howard and place them anywhere you line within your settlements. They come in a variety of flavours, including ones that glow in the dark, and for the real hardcore Todd enthusiast, you can even replace the existing statues within the game to ones of the an himself, such as the one near the Red Rocket settlement. 

Replacing the statue within the Glowing Sea with one of Todd even causes the Children of Atom to start to worship him, and produce some odd religious scrawlings, such as a piece of paper covered in the words "It just works".

The mod has a little backstory as explained at it's page at Nexus here;

General Todd Howard, hero of the battle of Bethesda Hill, was one of the bravest men in US history. So brave, in fact, that he was immortalized forever as a bronze statue, for people to look up to and follow the example.

So, for fans who just can't get enough Todd Howard, this is the mod for you. Do you think every Bethesda game should have statues of Todd Howard added to them, or should Bethesda make this an official feature with releases of Todd Howard Edition's of Skyrim and Fallout 4? Let us know below!

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