The Fallout: New California Mod is Safe Despite Board Game of the Same Name

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Published by FileTrekker 4 months ago , last updated 1 month ago

There was some panic in the camp of Fallout: New California mod developer Brandan Lee this past week, when Fantasy Flight Games, the license holder to create official Fallout related board games, decided to name their new release New California also.

Fearing that the seven years of work so far put into the project was now in jeopardy, work accelerated on the mod so that it could be rushed out for release before a cease and desist letter arrived in the post. At the time, Brandan pondered the naming and timing of the board game release, fearing it may have been a way to stop work on his mod;

Getting somebody naming something New California is quite a threat. They have every legal right to C&D us without hesitation. It would be effortless on their part to wipe us out with a single email, erasing 7 years of work. They either never googled the words New California or they knew and just didn’t care, because they have the bought and paid for license and we don’t. I am not in the mood to find out.

Luckily though, Bethesda Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications, Pete Hines, has gone on record on the matter, and the news is good. When asked if the company had plans to issue a cease and desist against the mod, he wrote;

People can do mods about whatever they want, whether we’re doing a boardgame or not. This is little ado about nothing. Best of luck to them on their mod.

Standing down from red alert, Brandan and the team told motherboard;

Pete Hines is a cool dude, I’m glad that he said that, It puts me much more at ease.

Work had been ramping up with fear of a C&D coming, with Brandan putting his life on hold to rush the mod out, making a mad dash to complete the voice acting, and launching an open beta test to try and squash the bugs quickly.

Thankfully this is no longer necessary, but don't worry, you still won't have to wait long for the release of the mod, as an October release date is still planned, a release month which will apparently tie into the story and lore of the mod.

So it seems the mod is safe, and community backlash will no doubt be significant should Bethesda decide to change their stance. In the mean time, you can find out more and follow the mod over at our sister site, ModDB.

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