Abernathy Farm

This is a settlement blueprint for Fallout 4 that has a fully realized facility containing luxury apartments, for a total of 42 bedrooms, ba...


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This is a settlement blueprint for Fallout 4 that has a fully realized facility containing luxury apartments, for a total of 42 bedrooms, bathrooms and other facilities including dining areas, defenses, and crafting areas. 

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Download 'Abernathy Farm-32460-1-0.7z' (110KB)

Installs to Slot 40.
Even if the blueprint says "Wasteland Workshop" and "Vault-Tec Workshop" were required files, I'd say they are rather optional. If you don't have these DLCs you are going to miss some items, that's all. Some mods may have them as requirement, though.

The settlement was built with Build High - Expanded Settlements - please keep that in mind if you want to edit the building zone.
Before you start the import I'd suggest the console command "scrapall": personally, I'm using Scrap Everything along with Spring Cleaning (remember to install the Compatibility Patch and mind the load order), but "Scrap Everything" should be enough (in this case).

Caution: The total number of items is 4502! In other words, there might be frame drops and graphic issues in and around the settlement depending on your other mods (like weather/lighting overhauls, ENBs etc.) and your hardware efficiency.
If that bothers you too much, just scrap some items (especially decorations) or do not even install the decoration mods. (Such a shame… *sighs* ;)) 

If you are new to transferring settlements please note that the following mods may be (more or less) optional – however, some mods belong together. So, for instance, if you install Eli’s Coffee Mod but not Modular Kitchen you will probably end up with floating items. 
Obviously, you’ll need all these mods if you want your settlement to look exactly as mine. 

The Recruitment Radio Beacon was built but not yet connected - I thought I'd let you do the honors to determine the point at which you want to attract settlers.

I’d love to see your screenshots!
Optional but highly (!) recommended mods: 

- Homemaker
- Renovated Furniture
- V's Stylish Decor  (One of the most underrated mods I have ever played with. Used for many decorations like flowers, books with covers, lamps …)
- Easy Homebuilder (Used for the barbecue, the brahmin stable, some furniture …)
- Modular Kitchen
- CREAtive Clutter
- CWSS Redux (Usable, fully animated bath furniture.)
- Femshepping's Minimalist Homeware (Used for the bed tables.)

Remaining optional and also great mods: 

-       Advanced Settlement Turret Set
-Do It Yourshelf
-Workshop Rearranged
-OCDecorator (Only if you want to (re)move some clutter.)
-Auto Doors (Lazy settlers can not even close a door...)
-Vault-Tec's AROD Water Purifier (The water purifier I used.)
-Food Generators
-Ground (Used a grass ground for the brahmins. Also a smooth way to grow your own vegetables/fruits if you don’t like food generators.)
-PCPO-Pylon (ONE pylon for the entire settlement! Just saying.)
-Filled Brahmin and Water Troughs
-Crafting Fury 9000 GTX (Used for some buildable armor stands and plants.)
-Immersive Coffee Mod
-Gruffydd's Signs and Posters
-Just some Rugs

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