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This mod adds a new wheel menu allowing you to quicky use items, or equip weapons, or any other inventory item. It's completely configur...

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This mod adds a new wheel menu allowing you to quicky use items, or equip weapons, or any other inventory item. It's completely configurable and slows down time when open, it's pretty intuitive and nice to use. Worth checking out.

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1) F4SE
2) DEF_UI (Or  Horizon since it includes DEF_UI)
3) Mod Configuration Menu (Otherwise you won't be able to set hotkey to open/close menu)
4) Sorting mod (Or Horizon) (optional, but without it you'll be restricted in various menu categories)

1) Install via mod manager/manually
  1.a) If installing manually copy one of the presets from presets/ directory to Interface/WHEEL_MENU/conf.xml
2) Open MCM, configure hotkey for menu
3) Press hotkey to open/close the menu

Configuring Wheel Menu:
1) See Interface/WHEEL_MENU/conf.xml . This file should be self-explained to modify. To leverage tag patterns, you must have sorting mod installed. Otherwise use category pattern to perform default menu sorting based on item keywords.

Included Presets:
1) For vanilla game (Not recommended, use sorting mod/horizon)
2) For VIS-G Item Sorting mod mod
3) For Valdcil's Item Sorting Mod
4) For Horizon overhaul

Non vanilla presets (horizon, valdacil's, etc...) are for English version of game. If your sorting mod translates sorting tags, e.g. (Aid) Stimpak -> (Ayuda) Stimpak or (Помощь) Стимпак (or to whatever name it changes), you must edit conf.xml and change values according your translated names. Possible exception - Horizon preset due to unique symbols only (like (+)) names

Menu is too small/big for you? Set the scaling in the MCM configuration

1) Left and right menu sections are independent of each other. For example you can have 5 left sections and only 2 right sections.
2) The number of sections is not restricted, but i wouldn't add more than 5-6 per pane due to icon clipping.
3) Maximum item count in container list is 16. I'm too lazy too implement scrolling. May be later

TODO (in order of priority):
1) Improve navigation:
     1.1) allow to "stick" current menu so accidental mouse move won't close it (done, 1.2.1)
     1.2) implement hotkeys for switching over menus/items
2) Implement item/list container scrolling
3) Controller support (requires both 1 & 2 to be done first)
4) Add description window with item description/effects/damage to the currently hovered/selected item

Source code located at https://github.com/asvetliakov/Fallout4WheelMenu

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