Nordhagen Forts

This mod adds 3 new external settlements at Fort Strong.These including Ford Dead Elm, Fort Stronghold and Fort Barge. No other mods or DLC...


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This mod adds 3 new external settlements at Fort Strong.These including Ford Dead Elm, Fort Stronghold and Fort Barge. No other mods or DLC is required.

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*cleaned with FO4Edit

This release contains 3 external settlements at Fort Strong location in the Fallout 4. They are all vanilla player settlement sites, meaning there is no need for other MOD's or any of the DLC's. There should be no mismatch with other MOD's, apart from those that also affect the same area of course.  

I also highly recommend using some of the wonderful building MOD's, like Homemaker e.g.  I do so myself. 


There is only one fort at Nordhagen, Fort Strong, but soldiers being soldiers they nicknamed barge area Fort Barge, recreational area Fort Dead Elm, because of a, you know, huge dead elm tree there, and for some unfathomable reasons also the central Fort Strong itself into Fort Stronghold. 

These MOD's come in three different packages, choose only one!
1. All-In-One version
2. Loose ESP files version
2. Loose ESL files version

Fort Dead Elm,  (NordhagenForts.esp / FortDeadElm.esp / FortDeadElm.esl),
This settlement is across the bridge from Fort Strong and right next to Nordhagen Beach settlement. It used to be recreational area for soldiers.

Fort Stronghold,  (FortStronghold.esp / FortStronghold.esl),
Requested and here it is!

Fort Barge,  (FortBarge.esp / FortBarge.esl),
Barge area next to Fort Strong. 

Notification: This is my very first time doing NavMesh, so please tell me right away if there are any issues with it at Fort Barge! All barges are fully NavMeshed, but the half submerged ship isn't, though it is also made build able, so maybe use it for big stuff that doesn't need settlers around it. E.g. I placed a large generator on ship's deck.

This is NOT a game save nor a settlement blueprint!

Installing these mods couldn't be any simpler: just copy the esp or esl files from where you unzipped them into your Fallout4/Data -folder or use MOD Manager if you have one!

These MOD's are totally vanilla, so only Fallout 4 is needed. As of now, these MOD's work fine on my PC, but I have not tested them on other PC's. This means that you might find bugs. Please inform me of those, and I'll do my best to fix them! 

NOTICE: I hate making borders, so these External Settlements don't have them. If this is a deal breaker for you, then maybe you want to  make these borders? However, I have added pictures of each settlements building area.

Cautionary Mention: Some of the builds seen in pictures are only examples, they do not exists in MOD's! 

Happy gaming!

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