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A Catuskoti's ReShade Preset modification (well, one of those presets). My aim was to create a performance friendly, atmospheric preset,...


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A Catuskoti's ReShade Preset modification (well, one of those presets). My aim was to create a performance friendly, atmospheric preset, which can be used for an entire playthrough, and is at least decent in every condition. Created while using NAC and ELFX! Can be used with everything else, but results may vary.    

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Download 'Orsha's CRP ReShade modification.rar' (125.8MB)

About This Version (1.0.0)

Version: 1.0.0

Released: 16th June 2019 2:40pm

First of all, I want to thank EDV120 for these great ReShade presets: Catuskoti's ReShade Preset
There are so many options there, if you feel adventureous, then download that preset, and experiment. BUT if you want a quick solution, then you are at the right place.

So, the details.
ENB is too performance heavy for my laptop, so I wanted to have a performance friendly (this preset only uses 5 ReShade shaders), but spectacular and atmospheric ReShade preset for my last playthrough. I tried and tested dozens of it, but none of them fitted my personal taste. Some of them was too dark, some of them was great in sunlight but not really good in dark areas or interiors.
My preset is really bright, when the weather is clear (as it should be), the sun is blindening (as it should be), but fairly dark and gloomy, when it rains, or there is a storm. Also the interior light sources are pronounced, but the dark areas are actually dark.


There are two MUST HAVE mods:
NAC - Natural and Atmospheric Commonwealth

Enhanced Lights and FX

NAC is my absolute favourite weather mod, it's so versatile, and looks insanely good.
ELFX is just a must have mod for every BGS game.

HIGHLY Recommended additions (if you want to have the same look as in the Screenshots):
Fog Remover - Performance Enhancer II (probably this is the most important. It's technically not must have, but you should install it anyways. You are gonna need the main version with the interior fog remover)
WET - Water Enhancement Textures
Install ENBoost (helps with texture Streaming and stutter, and the DisableFakeLights fix is very useful)
If you have ENBoost, then consider to turn EnableWater on. It only costs 1-2 fps, but makes the water look a lot better. Also turn on the EnableSkyAmbientCalculation. It costs nothing on my system.
Go to the Extreme Particles Overhaul 3.0 page. Download ONLY the optional file (Clean ENB). Unzip it, and install only the DATA folder (the sky textures. If you have problems with the sun, then simply delete the Sun_d.DDS  file).
Go to the Photorealistic Wasteland FX page. Install ONLY the New Soundtracks. I think those really fit this preset.

Other Mods and Tweaks used during the screenshots:
Regrowth Overhaul from here. Install the redone and the PreVis aswell (overwrite when prompted).
Delightful Ivy - HD Vine Retexture - a natural and realistic green and brown plant overhaul
Also you should turn on TAA (there is no Antialiasing in this preset, but there is a little bit of sharpening designed specifically to fight the blur of TAA), and the Godrays (if you want the same look). If you have performance problem with them, then install this mod: Ultra Quality God Rays Performance Fix
If you want Dynamic Depth of Field, just install Dynavision. It's the most performance friendly solution out there (though not as fancy as an ENB DoF).
Pip-Boy Flashlight (Pipboy - Power Armor - Lamp Overhaul) (very nice mod, but even if you don't use it, I recommend white or some kind of light blue Pipboy light color).
You also should calibrate your monitor properly. There is a Calibration image in this mod, which is a good base.

Now, if you have everything you can go ahead, and download the newest reshade from here (it's 4.3 now): https://reshade.me/
You don't have to download any of the shaders, you are only gonna need the dxgi.dll file. Everything else is included in this preset.
Download the preset manually, unzip it, and copy everything into the Fallout 4 main folder.
When you startup the game, you should see the ReShade window at the top left corner. Open it up, follow the instructions. Chose the OrshaReshade1_0 .ini file, when needed.

Thank you, and have fun.

PS: It turn out to be almost a Mod Guide, not even a Reshade preset. Let me know, if you are interested in a comprehensive mod guide for Fallout 4 (I've been modding BGS games since Morrowind, maybe some of my experience during these years would be useful for some of you. Thanks again).

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