Power Armor Impact FX Overhaul

This mod adds much more impactful visual FX to power armor when doing things like dropping from a height, which adds to the illusion of the...


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This mod adds much more impactful visual FX to power armor when doing things like dropping from a height, which adds to the illusion of the weight of power armor. 

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Download 'Power Armor Impact Effects v1.1-34012-1-1.7z' (31KB)


So after trying power armor for the first time and playing around with it for a while and after a while, I really felt the power armor was lacking something. Falling from long distances with little to show the impact it truly makes, I went off to nexus in search for a mod to change that. But did I find one? Unfortunately I did not. (As far as I'm aware) So I thought to my self, how hard could it be to do this myself? Well, after many botched attempts at creating exactly what I want, and more than a few sleepless nights later, I REGRET NOTHING. 

The result of 2 weeks of work put into the added FX, and while not entirely complete in all interactions to all materials (which at the moment would be water, and probably wood), I am satisfied enough to warrant an initial release! I hope you enjoy my very first Fall Out 4 mod that I've created so far, as I definitely have.


             Added FX to the impacts you make with anything made of metal

     Dust FX added to the power armors footsteps

Splash FX when walking over water

    Bigger dust FX to a regular jump landing that kicks up

       Yes... I played in the water much longer than I'd care to admit...

  BAD ASS  impact FX you make when you fall longer distances on hard landings

All Effects do not alter any damage you cause. Purely VISUAL. 
Unless any modifications requested

THIS  horrible video is NOT the best way to showcase, however, it is the best I can do with the limited knowledge of doing any video capture and probably not the best computer suited to do so. Anyone with any skills, or even better yet, and YOUTUBE creators out there like my mod, PLEASE feel free to showcase it. Let me know!


As Far as I'm aware, this mod should be compatible with everything as I don't see any other mods out there like it. But just to be sure and know, what this mod does is modify a few footstep/impact/impact sets and adds new explosion and particle FX VIA (MPS) system.
It will not conflict with any other power armor mod, and works with vanilla and custom added power armor. 
For installation this is Purely an esp and ba2. Manual or mod manager works. (I personally use MO2)

Depending on your system, it can take a minute or less for the effects to take place in game. 
Also note, during any moments that tax your system heavily, it can be possible you will see a slight delay for FX to take effect. As far as my play testing, does not happen very often. 

If you like this mod and want to help, please create screenshots and video of this mod in action for me to possibly add to description to better portray what this mod does. Also, let me know of any issues you may encounter with this mod and try to be as detailed as possible. Enjoy!

Feel free to modify/expand/translate(how?) however you see fit. However, if you are to release any part of it anywhere, the least you can do is notify me and give proper credits. Thank you for taking the time to check my mod out!

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2 years ago by bL3azy

I don't know who uploaded this file, but I am the REAL author of this mod and DON'T download from this site, it is an old and way outdated version of my mod.

Go HERE for the latest version: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/34012

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