Bethesda is finally shipping Fallout 76 canvas bags

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Well, it's been a seven month long saga, but finally the controversy of the Fallout 76 canvas bags is finally coming to a close, as Bethesda are finally going to start shipping replacements to dissapointed customers next week.

If you're somehow unaware of the scandal, back in November last year, the $200 special edition of the game that included a power armor helmet, amongst various other goodies, was supposed to also include a canvas bag - or at least so said the advertising material - but what was actually shipped was a fairly cheap nylon carry bag that fell way short of the mark.

After scurrying to try and make amends, with free Atoms, Bethesda finally agreed to arrange full replacements - but not without leaking customers personal data in the process - just to pour more fuel on the fire.

Bethesda have tried to keep quiet about it since, but fans have been impatiently waiting for their replacements. Finally, though, the company have announced that the actual canvas bags will be shipped next week, E3 week, coincidentally or not. I wonder if they'll be giving them away on the show floor, too?

So hopefully this is one drama that is finally coming to a close - assuming the new bags are not equally cheap and fall apart instantly - but at this point, nothing would surprise me.


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