Bethesda strip Fallout 76 glitchers of their ill-gotten items

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

We reported a short while back that there had been quite a few issues with Fallout 76 being glitched by players, the most notable of which was the "dev room" glitch, a room that contained multiple of every item in the game, and even some as yet unused items. There's been other glitches, though, that have allowed players to duplicate items in their inventory.

Well, these items are now no-more, as Bethesda have stated they've stripped all such "dupe" items from players during a maintenance window this week. 

It'll come as welcome news as many players have been venting over the amount of unfair advantage as the game's economy has been unbalanced by the influx of unexpected items being available to trade, especially the more rare items. It's been going on for some time, so presumably it's taken Bethesda until now to figure out a reliable enough way to do this.

These item removals are part of our ongoing efforts to address exploit abuse and make positive changes for the overall in-game economy, and are highly-targeted at a specific list of items. Players who have used an exploit to dupe items, or acquired duped items from other players, may find those items removed from their accounts once maintenance is complete.

The issue is that while Bethesda keep patching (and even accidentally re-introducing) these glitches and bugs, players are finding no shortage of them and so just simply move onto the next one, so any current exploits that are still unpatched will be re-exploitable, and the market may once again be flooded unless Bethesda make this culling of rouge items a regular thing.

So it's a long road before Bethesda find, and patch, all of these exploits, so don't expect the issue to go away completely - but at least the issue has  had it's impact limited - for now.


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