Details on Fallout 76's PVP Survivial Mode, beta coming in March

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Published by Danny 4 months ago , last updated 4 months ago

Some new details regarding Fallout 76's PVP Survivial Mode have been revealed, including a planned Beta in March, and a focus on greater risks, greater rewards.

The report comes via PC Gamer, who have confirmed it will be called Survival Mode, and as we expected, be a totally separate affair to the current main game. You'll be able to choose between Adventure Mode (what we have now) and the new Survival Mode when starting the game, and both will contain the same quests, events and so on, but in Survival Mode, you'll need to deal with other Vault Dwellers who will be able to attack you without consequence and without any of the protections current in the main game.

All other players, except teammates, will be flagged as hostile, and any attacks will deal the full damage right away, without the current low-damage until you retaliate system, meaning sneak kills are likely, you'll need to watch your back at all times.

You'll be able to play existing characters or use a new one, but if you use one character across both modes, any ammo, items etc. used in one mode will be reflected when you next play the other, so we'd personally recommend using a new character. 

There's still some more details to come, but Survival Mode apparently wont involve a revenge respawn, either. There may be tweaks and changes to the rules during the beta, though, and there'll even be a leaderboard to showcase the best survivors.

Stay tuned for more news as the beta gets closer this March.

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