Fallout 76 has released early, available to play now!

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Published by FileTrekker 1 month ago , last updated 1 month ago

Fallout 76 has released early, and is now available to play out of B.E.T.A. ahead of it's official launch in 6 hours time (as of the time of this article).

The game was due to release on November 14th on Xbox One, PS4 and Windows, but Bethesda have decided to open the flood gates a little early, perhaps as a strategy to prevent overwhelming server load. 

Usually games are locked down until midnight of the day of release, although often they can be downloaded before the actual release date / time so they're available to play immediately. 

We've tested that the PC version is now available early, with reports coming in to us of the story being the same across Playstation and Xbox platforms.

Good news for B.E.T.A. players, by the way, your characters and progress are kept over to the final release, although you can start a new character if you wish.

Stay tuned to GameFront for further news as it happens.

Comments on this Article
1 month ago by MrFancypants

Reviews seem to be rather critical. That's too bad, I hoped for a good co-op online game set in the Fallout universe.

What is annoying people about it so much?

3 weeks ago by Lysdestic

I kinda shut off from the news about this once it became evident that it was yet another game that gamers were going to ruin for themselves with misguided expectations and entitled hopes.

How is it really?

3 weeks ago by FileTrekker

I dunno, I think its good.

3 weeks ago by Lindale

Well, it is somewhat empty.

* There are no NPCs, just map markers for quests.

* All the various and different types of Raiders which Fallout had in the past have mostly been replaced with one single type of ghoul. Really, anywhere you go, the same ghouls over and over and over again.

* Anything you kill can immediately respawn directly in front of you, and will do so every now and then. It may be somewhat infrequent, but still never let down your guard. Be prepared for the corpse to immediately disappear, the monster to appear again, and attack you all over again.

* Anything you build only lasts as long as you are online. As soon as you log off, the bits and pieces all go into your inventory.

And then, you have the classic MMO theme of everything being level-locked. You like this gun? Too bad. You need to be level 30 to use it. And to reach level 30, you need to do hours or days of monotonous grind. Even worse is how the entire levelling system itself is not rewarding. Reaching this level or this level does not seem like an accomplishment like it has in previous Fallout games.

Basically, it is a long-shot away from being a multiplayer Fallout 4.