Fallout 76 Nuke Codes can be Decrypted with this Website

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Published by FileTrekker 3 weeks ago , last updated 3 weeks ago

It didn't take long for players to find ways to get ahead in Fallout 76, and one website is now allowing players to reveal the whole Nuke launch codes by just providing a partial code.

The website, named NukaCrypt, was created by Redditor Waffle_cop, and is able to decrypt the entire launch code from just one partial code you may have found, saving you from having to find all eight codes. 

It makes sense, given the nuke codes are a simple cypher which, once broken, means that any code can be decrypted, as long as you have a partial code. It seems that the nuke codes are decrypted using a keyword cypher, and that changes on a weekly basis, but NukaCrypt is able to figure out possible working codes just by knowing a few letters of the keyword.

There is a drawback, though, and that's the fact that the site provides multiple possible working codes, not just one, and while one of them will work, you'll need enough launch keycards to be able to try all the possible variations that the site gives you.

It's useful to launch nukes as, apart from a spectacular boom, you can get some powerful enemies spawn and some pretty decent materials and loot, but be prepared for one hell of a boss fight too.

It remains to  be seen how long this will work for, as Bethesda will likely push changes in the next update to stop the decryption working, but until then you can check out the NukaCrypt website and try for yourself.

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