QuakeCon: Everything we've learned about Fallout 76

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

There's been a whole boatload of news coming from QuakeCon about Fallout 76, the least Quake-like game ever, so much so we've decided to round it up into one concise article for your reading pleasure.

Private Servers Coming Very Soon?

We already reported that private servers may be coming sooner than we think, but just as a reminder, project lead Jeff Gardiner seemed to heavily imply during the Fallout 76 roundtable discussion that the feature was coming sooner rather than later. It started when, in response to a question about private servers for the game, development director Chris Mayer said that servers will be coming "in the near future" - to which Mayer responded "They're coming sooner than you think" to rapturous applause from the audience.

As for what that means in real terms, it's hard to say, but clearly they're confident enough that the release must be getting near, perhaps in the next major update. Fallout 76 has suffered some major problems with it's most recent updates, so this would be some welcome good news.

NPC Dialogue System will be 'more like Fallout 3'

If there's one criticism constantly levelled at Fallout 4, it's the way it handled NPC dialogue choices. It seems though that Bethesda have learned their lesson, as they promise that Fallout 76's NPC's will handle this more like Fallout 3. 

Project Lead eff Gardiner stated during the panel;

Also, remember this isn't the Fallout 4 dialogue system, this is more like Fallout 3, where you have a list of stuff...

It was met with a round of applause from the crowd in attendance.

Factions Update

We knew there would be two rival factions as part of the NPC update, settlers and raiders, but it seems now that there will be sub-factions of these two groups, which isn't entirely surprising as the raiders have often had multiple different faction types.

One of these is apparently a cult of Mothman worshippers, so we expect to see things like the Children of Atom perhaps make an appearence as a sub-faction too.

Raids begin on August 20th

The new 4-player raids will begin August 20th, and will see teams of four players storm Vault 94, which will be a very "puzzle based" experience according to Gardiner. There's going to be three different levels of difficulty, and choosing the higher ones will yield better rewards, but introduce a shorter timer to complete the raid.

There'll be new power armor to obtained, known as the "potted plant" due to it's heavily cammo appearance, along with other new weapons and items, some of which can be obtained during a raid, and some as a reward for completing it.

There's going to be new vaults and raids added in the future, but we don't have too many details on this just yet.

Nuclear Winter - Morgantown coming in September

Did you know Fallout 76 has joined the Battle Royale craze, too? Well there's a new map coming for the mode, known as Nuclear Winter, this September, and it's known as Morgantown, which will include the Morgantown Airport and Vault-Tec University. 

The new map will allow different regional PvE enemies to join int he fun, and the area also includes a big lake, among other interesting locations.

Coming along with it will be an update that will allow players to choose their perks instead of having them randomly assigned via perk cards, and duplicate perk cards will give players something known as an 'Overseer Ticket' that will unlock new perks in future matches.

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