Dark Pip-Boy 2000 and Clean Screen-19-V1-1541292793.7z


This mod changes the colour of your Pip-Boy in Fallout 76 to be a darker colour, and it looks pretty awesome. It also makes the screen look cleaner which makes it much easier to see / nicer to look at.



This is a very basic mod that desaturates the Pip-Boy 2000 texture and darkens it.
This mod also makes the Pip-Boy screen clean!

Very basic - extract DarkPip2000.7z and import into SeventySix - Textures01.ba2 archive using preferred method of choice (I use archive2 method - See Neeher's Installation Video on Black Vault Suit - Yellow Trim).
As a good recommendation, backup any archives you want to modify.

As with modding Fallout 76, it's currently unclear. Use at your own risk...
I've run F76 with these textures and had no issues, your mileage may vary.

Installation Method #2 - Baka File Tool (Use at Your Own risk):
Baka File Tool - (Loose) File Loader allows loose file loading (You don't directly import into archive). 
As I have not used this modding tool, I cannot confirm if it's worth the use.
It may not be (as) safe since it directly adds an .esm file to the load order.

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