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This replaces the stock map in Fallout 76 with one lacking the icons of locations, meaning that you won't be able to see major locations...


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This replaces the stock map in Fallout 76 with one lacking the icons of locations, meaning that you won't be able to see major locations before you know about them, avoiding potential spoilers. Players, events, and other Pip-Boy generated icons also work as usual. The map also retains color, roads, railroads, and terrain details.

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Download 'SpoilerFree Map BA2 file-35-1-0-1543366441.zip' (6.86MB)

The default map in Fallout 76 spoils many of the game locations. For some folks, like me, this ruins the exploration aspects of the game.
This mod replaces the map with a version that has no cartoon icons for all locations except Vault76. Your Pip-Boy will still generate the proper location icons for any place you visit. Along with players, events, and other icons. See the screenshots.

You need to edit the original .ba2 archive and replace the map texture.  You also need the Fallout 4 Creation Club tools installed. The archive editing tool is part of the Fallout 4 Creation Club software.

BA2 File Installation:
Unpack the SpoilerFreeMap.ba2 file to the "..\Fallout 76\data" directory.
In windows explorer navigate to: "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\Documents\my games\Fallout 76"
If you don't already have a Fallout76Custom.ini file, extract the file included in the archive to this directory.
If you already have a Fallout76Custom.ini add ", SpoilerFreeMap.ba2" to the end of the "sResourceIndexFileList =" section, or copy and paste the contents of the included ini file into your existing custom INI file.
Note some users have had to use the "sResourceArchive2List =" line instead to make this work.

Manual Installation:
Unpack the zip file to the "..\Fallout 76\data" directory.
Run : "..\Fallout 4\Tools\Archive2\Archive2.exe"
Open "..\Fallout 76\data\SeventySix - Textures05.ba2" (Note the map file archive may change if the game is patched)
In the filter line at the top type in "papermap_city_d.dds", it should show a path of "\textures\interface\pip-boy\"
Remove the existing map texture file.
In a separate explorer window, navigate to "..\Fallout 76\data\textures\interface\pip-boy"
Drag the new map texture "papermap_city_d.dds" into the archive.exe window. It should should the proper path to the file in the archive tool.
Save the archive.

You can try to use the "Baka File Tool - (loose) file loader". See the readme for that mod on how to use it to pack mod files. However, this did not work to replace the in-game map for me.

This mod has now been tested as working in Fallout 76 1.0.2 (Nov 19 Patch), using both manual and BA2 install method.

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