Bridge to the Outer Worlds

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This mod by Kyle and Kira aims to bring a taste of The Outer World into Fallout: New Vegas. It's aimed to be a way of bring the two universes together, so you can play through both games as the same character and have the situation make sense. 



Disclaimer: No Assets from other games were used in this mod. Also, moderate spoilers.

The Idea

We really wanted to do a Fallout New Vegas crossover sort of thing, but that idea was always unlikely, particularly since Outer Worlds barely allows for mods. So this was a series of compromises to achieve that. Essentially, it is a lore justification for playing Outer Worlds as the same character in New Vegas. You then can return and reap some Outer Worlds themed rewards.

The Installation

It's a really simple quest mod. Install it like any other New Vegas mod. You do need all of the DLCs. There shouldn't be any conflicts with other mods, except for ones that alter the back door in the Lucky 38 Casino. Also, it's recommended you have a copy of The Outer Worlds, but you don't HAVE to.

The Execution

To begin the quest, you must find the hidden bunker in the Lucky 38. Inside, you can find a bunch of research logs detailing RobCo scientists discovering the worlds of Halcyon through a rift in space-time. You can "transfer" your memories through an output helmet. Then you could boot up Outer Worlds separately. Once you've finished the game and have an ending, you can boot up New Vegas again and "retrieve" your memories through an input helmet. Whenever you're ready, you can take a validity test to input which ending you got. You will be tested on whether you actually played the game. You will FAIL the quest if you don't pass the test. (But it's easy. Whatever. Sorry, this was the best we manage. We're not a corporation or straight-up hackers.) From there, you get access to the back room with some rewards.

The Rewards

You'll get a detailed analysis of which endings you got in the Outer Worlds, one far more accurate than any you'll find on the internet. Seriously, we had to do research over it because every guide we saw was incomplete.

You'll get a Perk for siding with Phineas Welles or the Halcyon Board. The former makes Halcyon food actually fill you up, the latter increases your abilities with Halcyon weapons.

You can identify which three weapons you used most in Outer Worlds. You can then get a knock-off copy of each of them. This mod includes knock-off copies for every weapon in Outer Worlds. Each uses a New Vegas model but has tweaked settings. They all use the three Halcyon ammo types but can use conventional ammo as well.

You get a knock-off of your Hibernation Suit.

You get a stash of every (knock-off) consumable item that Halcyon produces, in addition to a Refrabricator to make more of them for later. They're great as healing items or drugs, but they lack in one specific way...

The End

That's basically it. The screenshots are from our current game, which is running the following graphic mods: Onix ENB, FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting, DYNAVISION 3, NMC's Texture Pack, and Vanilla UI Plus. If you'd like to support us, perhaps
consider listening to our podcast, Game Theorem. We have a Fallout episodes and an upcoming Outer Worlds episode.

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