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THIS IS A FULL RE-RELEASE! The 201 and 202 patches are merged together into one big archive. This will prevent installation failures and bro...


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THIS IS A FULL RE-RELEASE! The 201 and 202 patches are merged together into one big archive. This will prevent installation failures and broken games. (You only need to re-download if you are having install problems, you're not missing anything major.)

This is a Full Re-Release of BETA 202!

We grossly underestimated the user base scale and damn near crashed ModDB and *did* tank Nexus Mods for 30 minutes. Admin said FNC this morning was the most traffic for a single file ever recorded and the load was insane. This created long and frustrating download times. Sorry about that.

We had a Torrent with 2180 seeders by 7AM but no one seems to read our Announcement and it was a #1 most frequently asked question. :p

The new 202 Torrent is here:


If you can, please use it to reduce pressure on Nexus and ModDB. They host us for free! By all means visit the site and view the ads, but if you can use peer to peer go for it! We're not getting paid, the mod is free. :p Torrents aren't theft if the product is free and legal!

Why the re-upload?

Users are struggling to install the mod.

200 + 201 was a train wreck of frustrated users new to modding who have never installed a mod before, let alone one the size of FNC. FNC is not your average mod. It is the size and scope of a full indie game. FNC is not a ballerina gently pirouetting across the internet, it is a small planet smashing into New Vegas and taking up residence as a new moon.

Lets start with the basics:

Nexus Mod Manager is no longer supported!

Nexus Mod Manager is old and out of date and was never designed for a 7GB super-mod. We underestimated the number of users who chose NMM because it was "user friendly" and does all the work for you from download to install.

They also never updated their NMM version!

Even those who had were using the wrong build. This caused 2 hour installation times on a 32-bit programme meant to handle 2MB files. And then it would crash. After 4+ hour download? Lame! 

Fallout Mod Manager is no longer supported!

Fallout Mod Manager is the same way. Too old and long ago abandoned by the devs, it can't handle this download on older versions previous to the "FOMM-fork" build only advanced community members know about and understand.

If you install the mod manually, meaning you unzip it and install by dragging and dropping our files into your DATA folder by hand, FOMM is great!

But if you are new to modding? You are not responsible enough to do that. So don't.

Mod Organizer 2 is the undisputed reigning champion of BETA 201.

MO2 could figure out our Patch and sort it out automatically. It instilled 200 fast and the path was applied correctly. If you are an MO2 user, odds are good you are playing right now!

Vortex is a close second, but ooh nelly did we find it's shortcomings.

Vortex on our RC1-RC6 was undoubtedly the best way to install New California. It was quick, clean, easy, and awesome.

Then came Patch 201.


Users installed the patch as the master almost to a fault. We had, I am not joking, *over a hundred comments or screenshots of it.* Meaning our entire mode made 90% of new assets not found in New Vegas was missing. :p That made for a very broken mod!

202 Rebuild reduces the capacity for that specific user error. Patches are integrated. From now on we will release incremental patches as manually installers only to avoid the apocalypse.

The 4GB Patch

I could go on a 10 minute rant about Steam not updating their New Vegas copy to 4GB large Address Aware when GoG.com has done this a long time ago. I will spare you the superlatives. But I love GoG.

Many Steam Users don't know how to use this patch. Period, I don't need to say anything else, but it's vital to run our mod. So if you are a Steam user who is reporting Crashes in the Main Menu, Crashing on Loading New Game, crashes on loading the Tackle [Path of the Scientist] option, or crashing when entering the Atrium...

You need the 4GB Patch.

"But it's installed! I... {downloaded it via NMM!} {put it in my DATA folder} {Ran it on my desktop!} {it's checked in NMM!} {I put it in my Fallout 4 directory <_<}!"

That is not how that works. Watch the video, use this version: found here.

Common Problems

Albino Blackfolk

This bug causes Black, Hispanic, and misc dark skinned NPCs to turn pale white. This is not our fault, this is again the mod manager overwriting your FalloutCustom.ini. That is a problem.

GO TO: Documents/My Games/Fallout New Vegas and find both Fallout.ini and FalloutPref.ini

Right click the .ini. -> Properties -> Open With... Notepad...


Paste this into the search: bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles

change bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=0 to 1

<- When you are done, save. Exit. Right click the ini and in Properties save them as read only or it will happen again. This fixes many bugs all at once.

Using an ENB, Water looks insane and the world has gone crazy with transparent people and faces...

To anyone having problems with seeing through walls and things like that, turn off AA and anisotropic filtering in the game launcher's settings. <- ENB Users especially.

No Blackout Fade to Black...

ENB Users also expect blackouts / fade to black to not do so. This is a problem with how New Vegas applies Image Modifiers that don't talk to the binaries. You can ignore it, it just looks jank.

Atrium fps is ~20fps in some places...

The Atrium is running at -20Fps for some users. Others (like me) it is just fine at maybe 40fps in the core. If you're one of the unlucky ones, this is frustrating. But it isn't the end of the world. Get past it and it goes away. ENB users not using Rudy's latest Beta are hard hit the worst. Trust me, your ENB is not as good as the latest binaries and Rudy BETA. Running Re-shade or the Vanilla will help you buy back 20fps instantly. Rudy buys back about 15. It is why I recommend that one.

Random Crashes

Windows 10 right now is buggier than it needs to be. Older slower HDDs are worse. Users on an SSD report zero crashes for hours. And they're loving it. 

If you have the old and slow HDD and you are running only 4GB of RAM on your integrated graphics laptop PC... you are going to crash. A lot. All the time. Even on Vanilla New Vegas.

New Vegas is always been buggy but adding FNC to it improves a lot! Until you add a slow HDD to the mix, then it struggles to sync the read speed with the display drivers and it tanks. All kinds of crazy bad things can happen. I grew up poor in a rural area with toaster for a PC too, I know your pain. It sucks. I hated it too.

Gameplay bugs?

They're shockingly minimal! :p Despite the installer fail.

A few bugs here and there, but we can fix them all and fix them quickly. Nothing major has been reported yet.

New California does not hold your hand and it does not lead you by the nose. You can kill anyone. At any time. And the world adapts to your random acts of violence with prejudice and plot twists. There are many, many paths to take. I made the damn thing and I'm continually surprised by "oh wow, that's possible!? Cool!"

But it also comes with some confusion. Users report bugs that aren't bugs just because they were raised on games that lead you by the nose. ;p

It takes getting used to! But it's so, so much more rewarding!

Jut because you feel stuck doesn't mean you are. There are no failures in New California, just alternate approaches.

If you piss off Bragg for not being All American and act like a rude punk to Chevy, so she send you to work for maintenance, but you are too low intelligence and too low in repair skill to do anything, so you sulk off the bed, get blown up in the revolt, stumble out of bed with a crippled skull and your ears ringing and eyes blurry, just to muddle your way through the Vault and get arrested by Enclave and get your drug addict buddy to bail you out of jail even though he hatse you, then the Vault explodes and you'r all alone in the wasteland...

That's not a glitch. :p That's a feature. The Bad Day Play-through. Not ever player is a hero man. Sometimes you kinda suck at life. You can still end the game just... not how you expect.

Your next player will be a hot sexy vault girl who charms everyone and wins at everything she touches! Go for it!

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