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Fallout: New California adds an all new story around a new player character, an adopted resident of Vault 18, embarking on a journey through...


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Fallout: New California adds an all new story around a new player character, an adopted resident of Vault 18, embarking on a journey through the wastelands of the New California Republic's Cajon Pass. An unofficial prequel to New Vegas, FPB adds hours of new gameplay and a fully voiced stand alone campaign.


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Download 'FalloutNewCaliforniaBETA213FullInstaller.7z' (6.94GB)

213 Changelog:

Here is the spreadsheet of issue tickets and content additions.
We fixed the "crash entering the atrium" by installing the 4GB Patch for you, so you don't have to! (If you crash there now it's because you don't have the minimum 8GB of RAM!)

We fixed the bug that causes Eastern European users to fail to launch.
We fixed user error installing the mod with a simple one stop shop EXE that does everything for you.

We fixed the "Black Screen on Startup" bug that causes the mod to hang forever (it was user error too.)

210 rolls up 200->206 all in a nice package, totally revamps the meshes and textures with new compression and fixes lots of errors therein, which both reduces crashing and improves FPS in all but the most intensive scenes. A full re-download and new game is required.

Nerds, so long as you were smart enough to pass the Tier 4 Quest for Maria and activate the Enclave Hologram, Bragg and Chevy will now offer you the chance to join The Enclave in the revolt. You can do this either by getting arrested by Chevy with high intelligence, or, by sneaking past Chevy and talking directly to Bragg.
Crashing at Union City *should* have ceased. Reduced effects, reduced spawns, cull bodies sooner. More needs to be done to improve frame-rate there but it's better.
Navmesh errors that were persistent in the mod and causing rare crashes have now been fixed.

We marginally reduced spawning and improved weapon & armor balance all across the mod. You will still need to wait for 220 for an overhaul, but this is better than it was.

Many of the empty houses that were previously copy/pasted placeholders have been fleshed out with decoration, lore, and loot.

There are now more lore notes in the wasteland and worldspace than there were.
Every currently outstanding ticket for a quest break has currently been addressed. I'm sure you'll dig up some more for us, so let us know and send us your save file!

Reduced effects in places where users with EVE, EXE, and NMCs all at max resolution were consistently tipping way beyond the 4GB limit and crashing. Specifically this fixes the crash at the Vault Upstairs Elevator, but also at I-15, Union City, and the Ending battle.

Characters that repeat catch phrases will now only say them once per game.
Bugs in the character revision menu have been fixed. No more extra perks or lost levels. The annoying crash there is still random, but once we know what causes it we'll fix it. For now, restarting from the save at the bed fixes it.

Reduced certain obscure skill checks to something more reasonable for lower levels.
Added a classic Wattz 1000 Laser Rifle to Kira and various vendors. Also, Dr. Rossman's rifle will be that type in 220.

The infinite spawns at I-15 are now neutered. They still spawn a lot of guys and the battle is still frenetic, but but as you get to the end, they send one last giant wave and if you're not gone, they artillery strike you to death. Jameson, Ben, Vargas and the obvious army of 10,000 raiders weren't joking, get going!!

Objective markers across the mod have been made more clear. Could still probably be better, but it's a WIP.

Radiation around Rice Airfield is now adequately hellish.
Dr. Lang is now more useful and his adjusted prices in NCR dollars.

Snippy the Psycho Medik now has more drugs to sell.

Many NCR Troopers now contain letters home (part of a future side quest.)

Vendor count across the wasteland has doubled. There are more unique vendors at Athens, Union City, Angel Breakers, Big Bear, Xiabula, and across the Pass randomly.
 They will also be voiced in 220.

More caravans travel the Pass.

Lore breaking portraits of the NCR President in 2280 are now portraits of the NCR President in 2260.

If you kill the Overseer before he speaks, the quest fails and everything goes to hell. But you can escape now.

If you kill the Overseer before Bragg is done talking, you fail and Bragg shoots you for disobeying orders. TRIGGER DISCIPLINE, SOLDIER!! JESUS CHRIGHST!
If Evanson is dead, the quest advances normally.

The Missile Launcher can now be activated a second time. Previously backing out of it caused it to be unusable forever. Oops.

Vault Dwellers mentioning the broken Coffee Maker aren't kidding. You can fix that now! For a reward! It even magically teaches you how to make wasteland coffee.

Screenshot Via SintarGaming.

Added more clarity in poorly worded quest objectives to make sure you know what to do and when to do it. No more players sleeping in Kira's bed to turn on their robot dog. Sleep in your own bed with your siblings instead!
O'oga now carries his own head at all times. So if you kill him you can always have his head. Mmm. Heady.

Slave collars now automatically release when Elsdragon frees you or you leave the Highway during Escape! You can then put them on your friends! Or a Christmas tree!
You will no longer find random power armor. If you're one of those people that say, "this mod sucks you don't even get power armor until the end," then you may now complain about that louder. Fallout 4 is right over there if you want early power armor.

If you try to murder your way through Athens-Tec after killing Jackson, killing Wilson, but before going to the NCR, then you will now be shot to death or captured and sent to Elsdragon.

If you shoot the Father before you talk to him, the quest now advances.
Annai no longer dies randomly while fighting Chevy. In fact, if she does die, and Bragg and Chevy are dead, she resurrects and comes to help you / have a conversation with you. Project Brazil never quits!

Added another terminal that makes sure that you definitely know after you talk to the Father that he is a NIGHTKIN, ever after Project Brazil made him all meaty. Nightkin are not known for making sense! So that whole "clone of the master's killer," thing? Yeah, uh, no -- "you're just a xerox of some dead guy he scrapped off the kitchen floor."

The Father is delusional! And so are you if you believed him! The guy is nuts! In the future I plan to add more dialogue so you know for a fact he is indeed nuts, and not just hint at it, but make that very very obvious so people stop wigging out about it, as if the Wild Wasteland joke wasn't enough to give it away.

You can no longer use Solid Project to climb over obstacles that are meant to be one way, regardless of whether or not you use Solid Project.

Med Check on Eliza is now 10 instead of 40. Because, yeah, no duh, she's high as a kite dude.

Jameson no longer stays stuck during Journey to the Deep if you scout ahead.
Jameson and Hrafnkel now both always run from the Main Gate to the Main Door.
Jameson and Hrafnkel, if you save them, now ignore combat and flee with you.
If you snipe Vayger from across the bridge waaaaaaaay over there, then he gets very mad at you, and brings his friends to come ruin your day. Also bypass later dialogue checks with Silverman as if you talked to him. Annai also runs off when this happens (for now. In 220 I'll give her more dialogue and a quest branch starting there.)

There are two Gatling Turrets outside Daggerpoint, so if you hacked the two inside, the outside now activate and help you run away as well. As long as they last, anyway.

Kieva no longer falls through the floor at the Power Relay.

At the last battle, The NCR and Raiders are more helpful. They will actually fight the Mutants more consistently. (You can still skip the battle totally if you navigate the maze avoiding conflict and run right past the mutants. It's hard, yes, but it's totally doable. Don't even have to fire a shot. Seriously!

Jamie, doomed to be replaced by the much more interesting Dakota, no longer breaks down when sold into slavery.

Terra Mayson, when you cause her to doubt her mission and have a mental breakdown, no longer comes back to kill you as if nothing happened.

The player's magic teleporting army of invulnerable Protectrons all die an ignoble death in the Vehicle Tunnel.

And many more...

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