Fallout New California BETA 221



A massive improvement over previous iterations, 221 is more stable and has better performance, new side quests, rewards for exploration, new loot, and it's packed in an all-in-one automatic installation package that does it all for you.


Installation guide:

Put this Zip file on your desktop or wherever you download it to.

Unzip the Zip.

Run the EXE.

Make sure it found where New Vegas is installed. If not, point it there.

Run the Installer. Follow instructions. Just hit yes to all.


This is the FULL VERSION OF BETA 221.

New Users will want to ensure they have a version of New Vegas that is in clean, pristine, and working condition. No Alternate Start Mods.

It doesn't matter what version of New Vegas you have. Steam, GoG, DVD, etc.

Run New Vegas and start a New Game. Works? Cool! Install FNC!

Extract the Zip file after it is 100% downloaded.

Run the BETA 221 Installer EXE from wherever you have extracted the 7zip file.

Point it to your Fallout New Vegas folder (MO2 Users, see advanced instructions.) 

Uninstall FNC via your Program Manager in Windows or using the same EXE you installed it with. Run this EXE As Administrator. Ensure your Anti-Virus Behavior Blocker does not interfere with the installer.

Ensure your Windows has the latest C++ Visual Runtime Libraries (you'll know you don't when you see a missing dll error.)

Do not skip the 4GB Patcher, even if you already have it installed from another mod source.

Ensure your load order is like so:


(All Official Campaign DLC)

(All Official Gimmick DLC)


(FNC DLC Control Plugins)

You need AT LEAST 4GB RAM and >2GB VRam. We recommend running New Vegas and FNC on an SSD (hard drives cause slow loading issues and may cause crashes.) Don't forget to turn off any Browsers with multiple tabs or antivirus scans and other 32-bit programmes running on CPU1 and 2. New Vegas is an old programme and it needs some careful attention.

Go to our Discord Server #installation-help for help, #public-bug-reports for bugs, #technical-help for computer problems.

Post any feedback you need right here!

Don't post it on Reddit, or 4chan, or a Review Section -- post good quality feedback that I can use to improve the mod, right here.

During BETA we take feedback from you and turn it into real changes to the mod.

If you'd like a specific feature, post it. No guarantee it will get made, but we'll look into it. If you think my writing sounds like "fanfiction edgelord trash that's overyhyped and needs to be told its just kinda shit", just write that you think X line should be worded differently (suggestions will be rewarded with a response) or what you would like to see there instead.  If you genuinely have suggestions and user experience feedback, post it here, and I'll act on it for 1.0. 

Thanks, and enjoy the update,



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