Fallout New California BETA 222 PATCH



Just drag and drop it on top of your existing 221 FULL install.

222 Fixes many issues your diligent testing of 221 found all across the mod. Contains fixes from RickerHK, Thain, LeoTheLeopard, 2x4, Deuspingu, Buenoben, and others.

You must have FNC 221 already installed.

Overwrite the esm and esp with the patch. Start a New Save just in case to be safe.



Go to ""Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas\Data and drag these files onto your existing install.

Overwrite. YES TO ALL And you're done.



2.2.2 change logs:

Fixed - If player is Enclave having skipped her before, Chevy’s forcegreet was always the Kill/Go to Jail topic. Even when the player had just joined the Enclave in the Science path.

Fixed - Problem with CHA option for Bragg “I made my own uniform”. Player was not getting
BSIII perk if they came back to Bragg instead of running away, so the Red, White, and
Blood quest would never start and they would be Enclave enemy at end game.

Fixed - OOC timing with Diesel/Bragg and Diesel in the pipe works.

Fixed - Faction problem with switching sides from pipe works to Upper apartments.

Fixed - All failure stages with ‘Hell to Pay’ are consistent now.

Fixed - Some copy edits between Jenn/Yetti

Fixed - some copy edits with Jenn first greeting.

Change - Closed off Charisma option for Nerd Enclave

Fixed - some copy edit issues:

-Fixed a few problems with Jenn's Dialogue

-Fixed a problem with DuVille's Dialogue

-Fixed a problem with the ALPHA terminal using special characters

Fixed - Some linkage problems in the Annai PQ chat dialog.

Adjustment of room marker for Overseer office.

Daggerpoint airport area:

-Fixed gaps between fort daggerpoint barracks walls

-Fixed airport door going to an old train tunnel

-Fixed train tunnel door going to an actual train tunnel

-Fixed the zombie firemen and their OP loot by removing them.

-Fixed the end of the train tunnel going to the void.

-Fixed some clipping rocks airport fuel station

-Fixed airfield hangar sizes

-Fixed some black holes in the airfield hangars

-Fixed daggerpoint airtower being empty

-Fixed dead people leaving behind some of their furniture in daggerpoint

-Fixed looking into void in some ruins

-Fixed some floating debris

-Fixed some doors opening into rubble

-Fixed Daggerpoint Commons having Pearl's locker items (thanks to matthewrb)

-Fixed some buildings having a wall for a door

-Fixed some spots where players could fall into inescapable pits

-Fixed Rivet City doors being operable on the upper levels of Fort Daggerpoint

-Fixed some holes in the ground

-Added some small rewards for exploring

Fixed - No door in UC hanger

Fixed - UC hanger size to support a realistic door size

Fixed - Looking into the void via the back window of El Rey motel

Fixed - Car being clipped into El Rey Motel

Fixed - TV having no backside in Ranch house

Fixed - Wooden shacks luring players into exploring, while walking into an invisible wall

Fixed - Giant ants spawning behind invisible wall, meaning they can not be looted by the player

Fixed - No doors in Train Hanger outpost building.

Added - Reward for ranshanked ranch house.

Added - Stool and wooden desk to northern watchtower for immersion

Added - Map marker to Western Union City Houses (the big one with the well). 

Added - NCR flag to giant ant outpost to lure the player for a future ant queen hunting quest

Fixed - Remove floating chair just outside of Overseer's office.

Fixed - Stops the player from looking directly into the V O I D in the Overseer's office.

Fixed - Makes Aaron Ginn's terminal actually be on and locked with actual stuff on it.

Fixed - A gap between the door and the wall on both sides in Aaron Ginn's office.

Fixed - Replaced two Tabitha radios with the Generic Ham Radio in two houses.

Fixed - Facegen Head flag for PBHelmetNCRTrooperGogglesNoPlay and 21 other head-gears.

Fixed - Removed Faction warning script from armors - Gaius, Ben’s, and Sylvia.

Fixes/updates to ‘No System is Safe’ quest.

Added -- Notes that tell Courier 6 where the Star Player's gear is, and vague but clear lore updates available in the ending videos which some people misinterpreted.

Added -- Quest "We Are What We Leave Behind" to New Vegas to mark on the map where the Star Player's gear ended up so Courier 6 can go get it.

Fixes/updates to ‘No System is Safe’ quest.

Added - Nerd in Jail gets their weapons/ammo back when joining Bragg.

Fixed - Two scripts were still using vanilla NCR money (from Silverman and Merc Hire)

Fixed - Endurance 10 is now immune to Serpent's Milk effects to fit the narrative.

Fixed - Set Dr. Kyoto’s bed as un-usable by vault NPCs.

Fixed - Deputy Mayor of Odyssey biped slot conflict with outfit and glasses.

Fixed - Stage missing in MV Kira’s Sneak option success in Silver Rush.

Fixed - Shi Bank ‘robbed’ notification turn off at FNC end.
Fixed - Crash in Fort Daggerpoint Vehicle Storage.

Fixed - ‘Carrion’ quest wasn’t detecting questline failure and Tanok was still trying to force greet.

Change - Rearranged Supermutant invasion in Athens South Ranch.

Change - Rearranged Supermutant invasion in Black Horse Ranch.

Change - Rearranged Supermutant invasion in Xiabula.

Change - Set all Supermutants to neutral karma.

Fixed - Replaced script on VCG01VigorTesterTrigger so other mods that compile all scripts don’t
break the transition to New Vegas.

Fixed - Bug where Vargas has the wrong greeting for MQ05 when you rescued her from the
mine and is following you when MQ04 ends.

Fixed - ‘Free Kira’- bug when Revanchist is successful.

Fixed - Portal marker in Mission Palms Home07.

Fixed - Remove robot perks when they are scrapped at the mine.

Fixed - Fire robots at the FNV transition if they are never repaired in Athens Tec.

Fixed - Hole in 00BrazilVault18Entrance01Destroyed.

Added - Notes to give hints for player gear location after FNV transition.

Fixed - If you choose to infiltrate the Raiders in a mob playthrough, Kieva and Duville will
approach you at the end. Even if you accept Duville's offer, Kieva will talk to you and
you'll take her ending instead of the mob ending. Now you can choose.

Fixed - If you criticize the overseer, your next conversation option is labelled "[star athlete]"
regardless of having the perk.

Fixed - “cash is king” doesn't end at the bridge if left unfinished.

Change - Redirect gear that went to Mojave Express, to the Great Kahn Hideout or Tops
Presidential Suite.

Fixed - Removed blocking condition from CH1 ALPHA terminal that was preventing force field
power down option from showing.

Change - Marius's first greeting now works after MQ02 up to MQ05 start.

Fixed - Bug in Chevy’s Dagger 8 force greet when player is Enclave enemy, has Vault18 killer
perk but doesn’t have redeemer or turncoat and fails to launch stage 70.

Fixed - Bug in Navmesh in Vsec jail preventing johnny pathing to the door smash marker.

Fixed - Bug with ‘The Masters Revenge” where it would not complete when walking to the vat.

Fixed - Shi bank keeps notifying when in the Mojave.

Fixed - Player house note/vendor dialog fixed.

Fixed - “Shi Lost My Money?!” now fails if the player is an enemy to the bankers or any of
them are dead.

Fixed - For non Revan NCR player, Wave2 raiders at main gate were not hostile.

Fixed - Shooting the Shi Bankers will fail NCR questline/launch Wildcard.

Fixed - If you killed Aurelius by releasing the barrels, Ben’s MV quest would not advance.

Fixed - ‘Skilled’ trait exploit at character revision and perk remove/add bug at first level up.

Fixed - Quadruple doors in PBZantBarracks.

Change - ‘NCR Dollars Only’ signs at UC vendors. Need voices for 1.0 that tells player what's up with that.

We're testing this on the FNC Discord every day: Discord.gg

Come join us in making the mod even better! Small bug report, one time contributions of assets or bug fixes, or giant side quests, we'll be glad to take the help wherever we can get it.

Just drag and drop it on top of you existing 221 FULL install.

For future Update Plans:



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