High Res Night Sky Textures



These are some amazing new high res sky textures for New Vegas, check out the readme below for instructions to add these to the game, but it's well worth doing. Enjoy.



*Please, ENDORSE and give KUDOS if you enjoyed this mod.
-Some peoples asked to me, if my textures are compatible with neveda skies mod, the answer is : No conflict and fully compatible. 
-They are probably fully compatible with any mods. 
-If you have already a night sky texture replacer, you have to overwrite it to use this mod.
-As any textures, my night sky textures can be darker or brighter, depending if you use a darker/brighter night mod(any) and/or the friend of the night perk and/or the cataracted eyes perk.
I don't have the time anymore to work on my pack, even to play games on my computer. I have a now a full time work shedule also me and my wife had a newly born family member today :D . So you are free to do what you want with my pack as long you credit me as the creator of my pack.
This is the life, a time for everything. ;) 
A very special byebye to : BlueDanube, Spaceritual, bla5, MRCartman, aisnor and Odile for their comments of my images in the imageshare. ;)

Description v3
High resolution & Higly detailed night sky texture replacer pack. Replaces the vanilla night sky texture.
Resolution = 1024x1024, twice than the vanilla but still low end computer friendly.

NB.: Also to add a special mood to your game and useful to create a wonderful night scene for your multimedia creations. ;)

16 textures. Look the images, choose your flavor and download the pack :)
1 - Star Breezes - Colorful stars & yellowish long and tin star clouds.
2 - Star Clouds - Colorful stars & dark yellowish compact star clouds.
3 - Blue On Blues - Big, large and small blue stars, small white stars & large blue star clouds.
4 - Stars, Stars And Stars - A simple highly detailed colorful stars night sky.
5 - Aurorae - Small white stars & large green, violet and orange star clouds.
6 - Stars, Stars and Stars - Variant 4A - Modified texture = without the comets.
7 - Stars, Stars and Stars - Variant 4B - Modified texture = variant 4A + A slighty different stars disposal & with big blue and red stars.
8 - Blue Therapy - Small sparse white stars, Large blue shades nebulae & vibrant blue star clouds.
9 - Galaxies Showroom - Great variety and various sizes of colorful galaxies & small sparse colorful and yellowish star clouds.
10 - Out Of This World - Large and long colorful nebulae and star clouds, small white stars and asteroids!
11 - Burning Stars - The night sky is burning! Various shades and sizes of red, orange and yellow nebulae, stars and star clouds.
12 - Calm Night - The night sky is mostly covered by various size of colorful stars & small and very sparse yellowish star clouds.
13 - Calm Night - Variant 12A - Modified texture = desertified texture, a sandy milky way, sweeter brightness, less stars and a different stars disposal.
14 - Calm Night - Variant 12B - Modified texture = purple tinted texture with red stars, even more sweeter brigthness, even less stars and an even more different stars disposal.
15 - Hot Spots - Very small and sparse redish stars & stars clouds. With a sweet brightness.
16 - Hot Spots - Variant 15A - Modified texture = yellow tinted texture.

1. Invalidate archives with your favorite achives invalidation method.
2. Extract the files to a temporary location.
3. Choose one texture in the pack.
4. Copy & paste the folder "textures" into (install folder)\Fallout3\Data\

1. Delete skystars.dds of (install folder)\Fallout3\Data\textures\sky\

Know bug/conflict
None, they are probably compatible with any mods.

Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop CS5. 
Nvidia .DDS photoshop plugin.

Bethesda and Obsidian for the great Fallout 3 and the great Fallout New Vegas. 
New Vegas Nexus for, generously, hosting my mod and my files. Also generously hosting mods and files of all. The largest and the best website for modding Fallout New Vegas!
A special thanks to MRCartman and bla5 to have wrote to me some very useful advices, point of views and fresh ideas.

As in the Credits and permissions :
distribution permission
-Upload permission-
You can upload this file to other sites but you must credit me as the creator of the file

-Conversion permission-
You can convert this file to work with other games as long as you credit me as the creator of the file

-Modification permission-
You are allowed to modify my files and release bug fixes or improve on the features so long as you credit me as the original creator

-Asset use permission-
You are allowed to use the assets in this file without permission as long as you credit me

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